Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 754

Chapter 754 Smart Aleck Bai Ruo Qi 1

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Bai Ruo Qi moved forward with light steps and thread onto the steel cable.

Everyone’s eyes were wide as they looked carefully at her movements.

Based on Bai Ruo Qi’s background, cultivation and innate talent, just how strong was her bodily movements? She probably didn’t even have half of Lu Zicheng’s standard so how was she preparing to get over to the other side? Or could it be that although her cultivation was ordinary, but she had learnt some heaven level footwork which had extraordinary accomplishments on her bodily movements?

In actual fact, everyone had just thought too much.

Bai ruo Qi had just walked a few steps and everyone’s eyeballs were about to fall off.

Because her speed was really slow, simply too slow!

Just based on this speed, she probably only achieved thirty percent of Lu Zicheng’s speed. And based on this bodily movements, how did she even manage to pass this round’s assessment?

However, when Huang Yueli saw this, she couldn’t help but frowned.

“This is really strange. Does Bai Ruo Qi really know something? She actually chose to use this tactic…..”

Bai Ruo Qi move forward at snail speed, as though just stabling herself on the steel cable and not falling down was already taking up a huge amount of her strength. If the arrows appeared, she might be struck off anytime.

But as time went by, the crowd gradually noticed that something was amiss.

Although Bai Ruo Qi’s speed was slow, but the arrows which were directed at her…. seemed to have slowed down as well! Moreover, the intensity of the attack had also turned slow!

“What situation is this?”

“The arrow’s speed had turned slow! Could it be that the arrows’ attack speed is linked to the practitioner’s speed of advancement?”

Under the astonished glares of the crowd, Bai Ruo Qi passed the entire steel cable with a snail speed and in between, she had only been struck once by an arrow! Her total points was even higher than Lu Zicheng.

This time, the crowd was bustling with excitement as they had never expected that the array on the steel cable had a concealed principle!

Moreover, it was picked out by Bai Ruo Qi!

What kind of comprehension did she have to have this foresight?

Under the crowd’s gasps of admiration, Bai Ruo Qi raised her head high as she returned to her position and at the same time, cast a chilly glance to Huang Yueli.

This time, her performance was even more outstanding that the first round of assessment. Earlier Vice Principal Ling had given her a prospective core student title and this time… would be let her become a core student directly?

Bai Ruo Qi was filled with anticipation.

In actual fact, the few people on the stage had indeed be shocked by her performance and momentarily, they could not believe their eyes.

“This… what was happening? Had that lass Bai Ruo Qi really seen through the abstruseness of the array on the steel cable? The array on this steel cable indeed increased according to the practitioner’s speed, and the intensity would keep on increasing! If one’s speed was slowed down, the intensity of the attack power would also turn weak so just by spending a bit more time, one would be able to pass through safely!”

Tang Jinhua frowned as he said, “This isn’t possible right? The array on the steel cable was put together by several fourth ranked Array Masters and Armament Masters. Moreover for this assessment to successfully proceed, we had intentionally examined and repaired it a few days ago. Unless Bai Ruo Qi is also a fourth rank or above Array Master, otherwise…. how would she be able to see through it?”

“Perhaps… this lass’s comprehension power is really that high and was able to see the abstruseness?”

Tang Jinhua cried out, “Impossible! Array skill is an extremely unfathomable knowledge. So no matter how high one’s comprehension was, one would require corresponding foundation knowledge and mentality, and not just based on power of comprehension to be able to grasp the underlying concept.”