Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 755

Chapter 755 Smart Aleck Bai Ruo Qi 2

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“If it wasn’t like that, and just based on one’s strong comprehension, then won’t everyone be able to become an Array Master? But the truth is not like this! Array comprehension and martial arts comprehension are completely two different matters!”

“Then could it be possible that… Bai Ruo Qi was really a fourth ranked Array Master?”

“Are you kidding me?” Tang Jinhua bore an insulted look, “If she had obtained fourth rank at such a young age, then she would already be enlisted by Soaring Heavens Continent’s Seven Sacred Lands. Why would she come to Celestial Light Academy for the entrance examinations?”

“This sounds logical too, then there could only be one truth…..”

Vice Principal Ling who was all smiles earlier had his brows tightly creased together now.

“Looks like there’s a traitor in our academy who had leaked out the contents and key to passing the stage! No wonder Bai Ruo Qi could easily score such high points in the first stage of assessment!”

“What? Cheating? There’s actually someone who dared to cheat? In the past ten over years, no one had dared to cheat in Celestial Light Academy! She’s just a lass from a small country, would she dare to?” Someone spoke out, still unconvinced.

Vice Principal Ling said, “We are only suspecting now, let’s continue to see the situation on the next round of assessment before we discuss again. If someone really cheated, then we absolutely cannot let it rest!”


Bai Ruo Qi didn’t know that her overly extraordinary performance had already raised the suspicions of the academy’s management.

She was still joyfully satisfied while waiting for her commendation and reward.

In the end, no one passed any message to the examiner and the assessment quickly resumed, making Bai Ruo Qi rather disappointed.

With Bai Ruo Qi as a precedent, everyone realised quickly that they could make use the tactic of lowering their speed to guarantee their pass in this stage.

Although moving at such a slow pace would not end up with high points, but it was much better than risking by speeding up but ending up falling off the cliff with their points cleared to zero!

In this way, the assessment duration had been lengthened.

Finally, Song Yaru couldn’t take things as it was and took the initiative to walk over to the side of the steel cable.

“Mister Examiner, if this carries on, what time would it be? All of these people’s speed would become slower and slower and later on there would be the third round of assessment. Will we be able to complete all the assessments today?”

The examiner’s attitude towards Song Yaru was very courteous, “Miss Song, what do you think…. we should do?”

Song Yaru said, “Just give those who takes longer than a quarter of an hour to pass the round zero marks! The way of martial arts is a constant struggle against heavens! For those trash who dare not even cross a steel cable bridge, even if they managed to enter Celestial Light Academy, they’d also be cowards and don’t even expect to stand out among the others!”

She left the words icily and with a touch of her toes, she flew towards the steel cable.

Song Yaru’s speed was extremely fast, even faster by a fold as compared to Lu Zicheng!

Because of this, the attack she suffered was several times more intense than Lu Zicheng’s!

To shuttle between speeding arrows was extremely swift and fierce as she was consecutively attacked.

It was obvious that Song Yaru didn’t had it easy trying to avoid the arrows and she had even been struck by one towards the end! But even so, her speed had not decreased!

After she had passed the stage, her total points was indeed more than the others by a large chunk!

Huang Yueli smiled as she saw this and felt admiration towards this Young Miss Song.

Although Song Yaru was slightly proud, but her innate talent and potential was indeed much higher than others. Moreover this heaven defying drive was extremely praiseworthy. So she indeed had the capital to be proud.