Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 756

Chapter 756 Smart Aleck Bai Ruo Qi 3

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With Song Yaru as a lead, several examinees with higher innate talents also revealed their real capabilities.

Different from Bai Ruo Qi who came from a small place, they were all disciples of well-known families and everyone wanted face. To use such trickery to pass the examinations, even if they could enter Celestial Light Academy, it would be embarrassing for them.

At that point of time, the assessment resumed back to normal.

Huang Yueli had also mingled in this batch of people and passed the assessment.

Her speed wasn’t very fast but she certainly wasn’t slow. She maintained the speed of a second stage realm first level practitioner should have, as she used a neither fast nor slow pace to pass through this assessment.

As her speed wasn’t too outstanding, most people didn’t noticed her.

Only those with insight noticed her abnormality.

“This Bai Ruoli… is really something! Did you all notice that when she passed the stage earlier, she wasn’t struck by any arrow at all! Although there was a thrilling moment when she avoided the arrows, but it was an arduous task to avoid being struck. In today’s batch of examinees, she’s the only one as even Song Yaru had been struck by one arrow!”

“No, no, Elder Hu, you’ve misjudged!”

The elderly with the surname Hu said in dissatisfaction, “How could I have misjudged? Could it be that you feel that she also cheated? From what I see, it may not be so. Although the speed she used wasn’t considered fast, but it wasn’t exceedingly slow. Rather than saying exceedingly, it’s more like she was suppressing her cultivation.”

“I didn’t say she cheated! I only wanted to say when she avoided the arrows, it wasn’t thrilling at all. Didn’t you notice it? Every time she avoided it, she didn’t really move at all. Those arrows seemed to just brush past her. Just that close but it still didn’t strike her! This is thrilling? I think she’s doing this intentionally!”

“It’s more ridiculous if you were to put it in this way! If she managed to avoid the arrows that easily, then how much is her potential really? Even if it’s a third stage core student, they also don’t have it easy on this steel cable!”

“Who knows?” Vice Principal Ling laughed with a deep meaning, “I feel it more and more that she really is Bai Liu Jing’s daughter!”


The second round of assessment ended and the new ranking had quickly been totalled up.

Song Yaru was still deserving of the number one place and she had already pulled a large distance away from the second place. It could be said that she was leading by a large margin.

Huang Yuel’s ranking had dropped to tenth place. It looked like she was almost going to drop out of the top ten ranking anytime.

Quite a number of people had cast her a sympathy glance, but she didn’t think anything about it.

As for Bai Ruo Qi, as her performance had been outstanding this time, and as the second contender, she had additional points awarded, so her ranking had raised by a huge chunk to the thirty first place!

The gap to the thirtieth place…. Was just one step away!

Bai Ruo Qi looked at her own name on the ranking board as her eyes shined.

Before she came to Sky Cloud City, she didn’t even know if she was able to enter Celestial Light Academy, with the feeling that she would most likely drop out. Never in her wildest dreams had she dreamt that she would ever have such a high ranking!

Now that she had gotten such good rankings in the first two stages of assessment, then after the third stage, perhaps she might be able to enter the top thirty!

After all, in the third round of assessment, she had already mastered the rhythm and she had the confidence that she would be able to be awarded higher marks as compared to other people!