Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 757

Chapter 757 Smart Aleck Bai Ruo Qi 4

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The third round of assessment started closely after.

The examiner pointed to a plot of empty land not too far away and said, “The last round of assessment is very simple, and it is to assess everyone’s willpower. Do you all see that formation? Later, all of you must enter within the boundary of the formation. Once the array has been activated, it would unleash Profound Energy to simulate a practitioner’s coercion.”

“At the beginning, the pressure would still be rather weak but as time passes, the pressure will become stronger and stronger! Your aim is to last as long as you can under that pressure. For those of you who cannot sustain, simply crush the number plate you have in your hands and you will be ejected from the array!”

“The longer you stay in the array, the higher points you will attain! Alright, now all of you please proceed to enter!”

The array boundary is very large and it was more than enough to contain at least twenty thousand people. Not that the total number of examinees were lesser than two hundred people, it seemed rather empty when they all entered.

Most of them were in a daze as they looked around for a moment before they sat cross-legged at a position by the verge of the array.

Bai Ruo Qi sized up her surroundings and laughed in secret.

She could easily guess that these examinees probably felt that the position by the verge of the array was the weakest point, and the lesser pressure they would feel.

In actual fact, in this array, the pressure was evenly distributed. Almost all of the positions would suffer the same kind of pressure.

But of course… there was an exception.

Bai Ruo Qi had walked all the way to the inside till she reached a distance of thirty meters away from the centre before she stopped. After comparing the distance between the left and right side, she too sat down cross-legged.

Since it was an array, there would definitely be an array eye.

The array eye of this array which simulated pressure was in the centre of the entire array and the oppression was the strongest there. Moreover, it had far surpassed the surrounding positions, up to over ten folds!

However beside the centre position, the pressure will gradually decrease all the way until thirty meters away from the centre where the pressure would suddenly reduce to become the lowest point in the entire array.

Outside the thirty meters perimeter, the amount of pressure was the same everywhere.

The position which Bai Ruo Qi sat at now was the position where the pressure was at the minimum so the amount of pressure that she was under was only half of what the others had. So this meant that she would be able to last longer than most people.

When Huang Yueli entered, she already found out the abstruseness of this array. In her eyes, it was no secret where the position of the lowest pressure was at.

However, she did not choose to go to that place where the pressure was at the least like Bai Ruo Qi, but instead casually found any place to sit down.

Bai Ruo Qi gave a cold sneer when she saw her sitting down.

In her eyes, Huang Yueli had just broken through to the second stage realm, so their cultivations were the same.

Now in this array, whatever Profound Skills or tactics could not be used. It all boiled down to their cultivation and willpower.

And she had already taken up such a good spot. Perhaps, she might even last longer than Huang Yueli in this round!

Bai Ruo Qi would have never expected that the minute she sat down, the higher management of the academy on the stage all started to frown.

“This time…. It shouldn’t be a coincidence anymore right? This coercion array is a sixth tier array! This array is something that even our academy’s Array Masters could not set up and we had to ask Celestial Light Sect to send someone to help us set it up! Bai Quo Qi could even see through this? Trying to cheat a ghost?”

“I hadn’t expect that someone actually dared to cheat in the entrance examinations. She’s really extremely daring!”