Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 758

Chapter 758 Who Else Is Still In The Array? 1

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“This is the first time in the past seventy years that anyone dared to cheat so we absolutely cannot tolerate it!”

“That’s right, we cannot tolerate it! We must investigate thoroughly!”

The few elderly started discussing this matter as their expressions turned ugly.

Earlier they had really thought that Celestial Light Academy had attracted an outstanding student with high power of understanding and specially pre-selected Bai Ruo Qi, giving her the prospective core student treatment.

But now that they had found out that she had cheated, this was like a tight slap across their faces!

The few elderly felt that they had been tricked. At such an old age, they were still swindled by this young lass, that heartache….. they don’t even want to mentioned it!

However the third round of assessment was about to start and it cannot be interrupted.

Everything…. Had to wait till the end of this round’s assessment before they could discuss further!

At this moment, all the examinees had already taken their positions within the boundary of the array.

Under the command of the examiner, the array was activated and the mysterious yet complicated array patterns were inscribed in mid-air as it gave out a faint blue glow, as though a dome encasing everyone within the array.

All the examinees immediately felt the oppression of the surrounding Profound Energy.

Initially the pressure was still rather weak and was negligible but as time passed by, the pressure gradually became stronger.

In just under one incense timing, the examinees whose cultivation were weaker had already broke out into sweat on their foreheads!

After another incense’s time had passed, the sweat on their foreheads had increased as their faces flushed red with their teeth clenched tightly as though the next second, their entire body would explode.

Quite a number of people had felt that they were unable to hold on any further!

But the opportunity to take part in the entrance examinations of Celestial Light Academy was extremely rare, so no one wanted to admit defeat easily as they clench their teeth while persisting on.

A couple of breaths had passed by.

A “Boom” sound was heard as the first person finally could not hold on any further, smashing the number plate in his hands to pieces.

His body was instantly ejected out of the array.

This person could only feel the strong oppressing pressure and had already been crushed to the verge so when he was ejected outwards, he was almost in a semi-conscious state as all he could see were stars.

It was until he reached the outside of the array where the pressure decreased before he regained consciousness.

Lifting his head to look at the surroundings, he realised that he was the first to be ejected and the youth immediately hung his head low in embarrassment.

This round of assessing willpower was the toughest to surpass based on tactics. Basically, the assessment was to see when two powers collide, under the same amount of power, the longer they persisted, that would also represent the potential of their future’s cultivation.

He was the first to be eliminated so apparently….. that went to say that his power was not enough and his potential was not a lot.

The blow to him was not small at all.

After a quarter of an hour, ten over examinees were ejected and after all of them regained consciousness, they all bore the face of remorse and embarrassment.

However, as time went passed, more and more people were ejected.

Those who had been ejected later however felt glad.

With so many people outside who laid as a foundation for them, to many, they had already exceeded their normal selves!

The number of people who remained in the array became lesser and lesser.

After the array had been activated for two hours, there were only slightly more than ten people who were still persisting inside.

As for those examinees who were ejected, they no longer felt remorse for their own performance. They were more interested in….. who else, were still in the array!