Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 759

Chapter 759 Who Else Is Still In The Array? 2

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“The total number of people who attended the examinations is one hundred and eighty seven people. Now those who were ejected from the array had tallied up to one hundred and seventy two people. There are still fifteen people who are still in the array.”

The last person who had been ejected was still recuperating as his face was slightly green.

A lingering fear persisted as he looked towards the array’s direction, mumbling to himself, “At the moment when I was ejected, the Profound Energy oppression in the array had reached the intensity of a fourth stage realm practitioner! Moreover, it was still on the rise continuously…. They are able to last so long, they are really…. too powerful! In our generation of young practitioners, they are really the cream of the crop!”

Among the examinees who had enrolled for the entrance examinations, Song Yaru had the highest cultivation and was merely at second stage realm nine level. No one had yet to breakthrough to third stage realm.

Just based on second stage cultivation, to be able to transcend two large realms and go against a fourth stage practitioner’s oppression was not something that an ordinary practitioner could do!

“Who else….. is still in the array?”

The crowd started to turn their heads one after another as they tried to recall the examinees name list and used the elimination process to ascertain the contenders.

“Song Yaru, Lu Zicheng, Xue Jingchuan….”

The names were listed out one after another. Basically those were the disciples from the famous families in Sky Cloud City and were the top ten hot favourites.

“Oh right, there’s also Bai Ruoli, she’s a dark horse….”

Upon seeing that Huang Yueli had yet to be ejected, they recalled her ranking in the first two rounds and suddenly came to realized it.

Discovering that her performance in the first two rounds was not particularly outstanding, with no explosive power but in the real ranking, she was actually placed rather in front!

How on earth did she do that?

But that wasn’t the most shocking thing.

“What the, it can’t be? That Bai Ruo Qi…. She also seems to be in the array too!”

“Huh? How is that possible? Don’t try to cheat me?”

“How can it be fake? Take a look, she’s sitting in the place near the centre, much more than all other people. No wonder no one didn’t noticed her earlier!”

Having saying this aloud, quite a large number of people noticed that Bai Ruo Qi had been sitting inside the array all the while without making any movements.

Although the sweat on her head kept sprouting out, looking as though she was almost not going to make it, but she had not been ejected yet and had already made it to the last fifteen finalists!

The examinees present cried out in astonishment!

Bai Ruo Qi’s performance today had been extremely eye catching. Even though her cultivation, innate talent, cultivation method, Profound Skills, none of it was exemplary. In fact, among all the examinees, she was one of those at the bottom of the ladder!

However, she had in all three rounds of assessment, showed outstanding results after every round, making everyone’s eyeballs almost dropping out.

The reason for her to be able to come to this step, was because her power of understanding was simply heaven-defying strong!

On the stage.

Vice Principal Ling stroked his beard and gave a chilly croon as his gaze towards Bai Ruo Qi turned extremely unfriendly.

“Humpf, those who try to angle for fame is someone that I despise! The position she is sitting in is probably only thirty percent of the pressure that the others are handling, and she is not going to make it any further. This only means that her willpower is way below par!”

“With a niece like her, Bai Liu Feng has really thrown his face away. How did he teach her?”

“She’s after all only a niece. Perhaps Bia Liu Feng didn’t really taught her anything. Ignore her. I saw, that Bai Ruoli….. really looks like she’s doing well!”