Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 760

Chapter 760 Who Else Is Still In The Array? 3

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Upon hearing those words, the few elders’ gazes fell onto Huang Yueli.

At this moment, the total number of people left in the array were merely ten over people.

But among these ten over people, everyone’s performance and situation were totally different.

For people like Lu Zicheng, they were on the verge of collapse. From their tightly creased brows and sweat soaked shirt, it was obvious to tell how much pressure they were under right now!

For them to be able to stay in the array perfectly alright with no signs of ejections only meant one thing. They absolutely had firm determination and willpower and had used all their energy to surpass their own limits!

However, Song Yaru’s expression was totally different.

Her face flushed slightly and it was obvious that she was starting to feel the pressure. But this pressure to her evidently had not affected her too seriously. Her waist was still upright and the lotus position which she sat was very standard.

It was evident that even if the intensity of the pressure had increased by a notch to fifth stage realm’s practitioner’s intensity, she would have a chance to last some time.

Compared to Song Yaru, Huang Yueli’s performance wasn’t that well at all.

Her forehead was starting to turn sweaty as her brows were tightly knitted together, her face flushed a weird shade of red.

It was clear that she was under a huge amount of pressure!

“En, not bad. This little lass had completed the previous two stages easily and now she had persisted until the very last ten over people. From her condition, although she cannot be compared to Song Yaru, but compared the other ten over people, she is much better. She should…. Be able to obtain Number Two in this round of assessment!” Vice Principal Ling concluded.

The others nodded their heads in agreement.

“That’s right! But what a pity, seeing that she had completed the first two rounds so smoothly, I had thought that she might be able to surpass Song Yaru. But from the looks of it now, it seems that she’s still lacking just that little bit.”

“It’s unfair when you put it in that way,” Elder Hu said: “This Bai Ruoli is the youngest here, only fourteen this year and Song Yaru is already sixteen! Just based on that lass’s power of understanding and innate talent, in just two years’ time, surpassing Song Yaru is a matter of putting the nail onto the board. Now… she merely lost in terms of age!”

“You’re right. In this way, we should put more resources into nurturing this lass! But what we don’t know is the relationship between her and Bai Liu Feng?”

“It’s easy to find out isn’t it? Just get her over and ask and the truth will be revealed!”

All of them talked cheerfully and wittily as they thought that today’s assessment was coming to an end.

Except for Song Yaru, the rest would not be able to last beyond the burning of an incense stick. Only Song Yaru was slightly better but just after a quarter of an hour, the array unleashing the Profound Energy would hit a fifth stage realm practitioner’s intensity and even she was not possible to last that long.

So at the most, after a quarter of an hour, the assessment would definitely end.

But just at this moment, Tang Jinhua’s eyes swept towards the array and after a sudden blank, he suddenly called out.

“That’s strange, what’s going on?”

“What’s the matter?”

“That lass….. why did she suddenly….. stand up in the array?”

“What? You must have seen wrongly?? Stand up??”

The few of them turned their heads to take a look in disbelief.

Just one look and it had given them a big scare.

Huang Yueli had really stood up and moreover after stopping for two breaths of time at the current spot, she started moving again.