Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 761

Chapter 761 Who Else Is Still In The Array? 4

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“Wh… what trickery is she playing? Why did she stand up in the middle of the array?”

“This isn’t the point right? The main point is… how is it possible for her to stand up??”

“I cannot understand these two questions!”

In reality, they had never seen anyone who could stand up in the array in the middle of the assessment. Once everyone had selected a position, they would not move around anymore.

Moreover, the pressure at the beginning was rather weak so moving around was still possible but with increasing pressure, to even sit properly at the original position already utilised the entire body’s Profound Energy to resist against the coercion from the outer world.

At this point of time, even if one wanted to stand up, the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak, so it’s just impossible to do so!

Because of this reason, seeing Huang Yueli standing up made everyone surprised.

However, this was not the most shocking matter.

After Huang Yueli stood up, she walked directly towards the center of the array. Her footsteps were not very stable and her breathing was rather coarse, looking as though she was on the verge of falling any moment.

When everyone saw her, they secretly broke out into cold sweat on her behalf.

But she went against expectations and not only did she not fall, she walked right into the core area of the array.

“Heavens, what on earth is she trying to do?” Tang Jinghua asked with his eyes wide, realising that he totally didn’t understand what she was trying to do, “The centre area of the array’s pressure is ten times stronger than the surroundings! Has her brain gone into convulsion? She actually…. actually dared to walk right into the centre area?”

“What on earth is she trying to do? Is she not intending to take part in the assessment anymore? Once she reaches the centre area, she will not be able to last longer than one breath of timing and will be ejected immediately!”

“What does this mean? Is she looking to torture herself?”


Not only those on the stage had noticed, even those examinees on the public square had already noticed this abnormal scene.

“Hey, isn’t that Bai Ruoli from South Yue Kingdom? What is she trying to do? Could it be that the centre area’s pressure is much weaker?”

“I’m not sure but she could actually stand up. Earlier under that pressure, I couldn’t move an inch at all!”

“Heavens, she’s not taking part in the assessment properly, what is she thinking of?”


It was unfortunate that no one would ever understand what Huang Yueli was thinking about.

When she had just entered the array for the assessment, she had actually made up her mind.

She was a nine stage realm expert in her previous life and although after her rebirth, her soul was weaker but as compared to normal practitioners, her willpower was absolutely shocking. Pressure from eight stage realm and below were not able to cause any impact on her.

So this round of assessment did not pose any difficulty to her.

However long she wanted to persist, she would be able to do so.

But in this round, she had actually intended to handle it just like the previous two rounds.

When there’s only ten over people left, she would actively smash her number plate and be ejected.

To be able to get a ranking of ten or more place wasn’t too high or too low which was just nice.

After the assessment had started, the others used their might to suppress the surrounding’s powerful pressure. Only Huang Yueli casually chose a place to sit down and if it wasn’t for the fact that the disturbance wasn’t good, she was prepared to find a stone to lean against and sleep for a while.

From the beginning, everything was normal.

But following the increasing intensity of the Profound Energy, when the pressure had reached the level of fourth stage realm, she suddenly felt her sharp pain in her chest!

A strange restless feeling was emitted from her dantian.