Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 762

Chapter 762 To Advance. Here? 1

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The fire attributed Profound Energy within her suddenly became chaotic and impetuous and kept colliding around in her dantian.

Initially Huang Yueli didn’t think much of it. She only thought that her state of mind wasn’t very good as she had underestimated Celestial Light Academy’s array which affected her internal Profound Energy and caused it to be agitated.

She corrected her mindset and straightened her back as she displayed the standard cross-legged meditation posture and at the same time, activated the << Nine Phoenix Transformations>> cultivation method.

However, things were quite different from what she had imagined.

The rampaging Profound Energy within her did not stop but instead, the fluctuations became more and more intense!

It got so intense that a large amount of sweat started to trickle down her forehead as her face started to flush red, as though she was not going to make it any longer.

The situation looked very unfavourable but in Huang Yueli’s eyes, a sense of joy flashed past!

The reason was because Huang Yueli had already understood the unusual fluctuations of her Profound Energy was not because that she was unable to take the pressure from the Profound Energy by the array, but because…. this was the sign that she was about to advance!

When Huang Yueli had advanced to second stage realm more than a month ago in South Yue Kingdom, the amount of Profound Energy at accumulated within her body and allowed her to breakthrough directly to second stage realm nine level!

However due to the limitations of the Flame Spirit Physique, she had reached a bottleneck and had been unable to advance to third stage realm directly. Instead she had stopped at second stage realm nine level.

According to <> hints, it was necessary to collect a large amount of medicinal herbs, Magical Beast Cores and Spirit Jades before she could continue to advance.

She was already very familiar with this pathway.

Previous two times, she had tried various sorts of methods but yet was still unable to advance. Only when she followed <> cultivation method as recorded, then would she be able to break through the bottleneck.

Which was why Huang Yueli totally didn’t expect that she could….. actually….. under the condition that she had not collected all the medicinal herbs and under such a location…. To suddenly advance?

What on earth was this?

Huang Yueli’s mind raced as fast as a lightning fire stone where a bold guess suddenly came to her mind in an instant!

This time after she had advanced not too long later, an accident had happened as Zuo Fangping pursued for her life, as she got seriously injured.

At that time, the Profound Energy in her body had totally been used up and even her meridians had been damaged to a certain degree.

Subsequently, to save her, Liu Buyan let her soaked in medicinal baths for seven days.

Huang Yueli’s medical knowledge was very limited as she was unable to find out clearly what bath had Liu Buyan soaked her in and what were the requirements.

She could only subtly felt that Liu Buyan had used all fire attributed medicinal herbs and unknowingly, and had used a type of deviant flame – Heartwood Spirit Flame, to heat up the medicinal bath.

Thinking back now, that medicinal bath was very exquisite. She gauged that the medicinal herbs and proportions were similar to the <>. With a certain degree of duplicity, it had caused a certain effect to her Flame Fire Physique!

Including the fact that she was already on her last breathe, it could be said that it was a blessing in disguise.

In the art of cultivation, to break then to establish could bring about several folds of effect out.

Huang Yueli’s luck apparently wasn’t too bad. The medicinal effect from that medicinal bath had been accumulating in her body, pushing her to the verge of advancement.

The only thing was Liu Buyan’s prescription wasn’t as effective as << Nine Phoenix Transformations>> so Huang Yueli could only go nearer to advancement but had not immediately achieved the response.