Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 763

Chapter 763 To Advance. Here? 2

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However, the medicinal effect had laid in the dormant state, waiting for an opportunity where she could perfectly breakthrough.

And now, the opportunity had appeared.

Within Celestial Light Academy’s array was an increasing coercion of Profound Energy which kept pressurizing Huang Yueli. The Profound Energy in her dantian was led by the pressure from the outside world and started to stir.

As the intensity of the pressure got stronger, the effect on her Profound Energy became more obvious.

When the pressure in the outside world had increased to fourth stage realm, she could clearly feel that the Profound Energy within was continuously trying to break through the bottleneck, struggling, clamouring as though it was about to break out at the very next moment!

There was no other possibility about this feeling. She was going to advance!

This matter had happened so suddenly, completely out of her expectations.

But Huang Yueli was very clear that if she missed this sudden opportunity to breakthrough, then it would be very difficult for her to meet with another!

To her, the wisest choice was to take full use of this opportunity and in a spurt of energy, breakthrough to the third stage realm!

Huang Yueli had decided on the spot and started to initiate the cultivation method to attack the meridians in her body to seek a breakthrough.

But the Profound Energy had rotated a few rounds and after several rounds of trying to breakthrough the bottleneck, several times…. It was just that little bit before she succeeded but eventually she was still unable to advance successfully.

This feeling was akin to a drowning person and had already seen the surface but as he tried his best to move forward but no matter how much he tried, he didn’t have enough energy to swim to the shore.

This feeling…. was extremely unnerving!

Huang Yueli was experienced and had already analysed where the problem lay.

The intensity of the array…. was still not enough! Which made her fell short of success.

She needed even more Profound Energy to attack the bottleneck and needed stronger pressure to agitate her meridians and dantian. The intensity of the array right now…. was not enough, simply not enough!

Huang Yueli was unable to wait for the intensity of the array to slowly increase and decided immediately to stand up.

She knew the array eye’s position was where the pressure was the strongest, so…. she had to make her way there!

Huang Yueli stood up shakily ad she proceeded towards the centre area of the array.

In actual fact, to resist against the pressure itself was no difficulty to her but with the Profound Energy in her body banging against her dantian with no way of suppression, the feeling was extremely uncomfortable and that led her face to flush as her sweat beads kept sprouting.

At the moment when she walked towards the centre area, she unavoidably walked past Bai Ruo Qi.

Bai Ruo Qi’s current predicament was extremely bad.

Even though she had cheated and chosen a position with the least pressure, but as her cultivation was way below the other people, at this moment, she was unable to persist any further!

Bai Ruo Qi was unable to see how many people were left in the array but she could more or less feel it and knew that the array didn’t have much people left. So if she were to give up at this point of time, she would probably get rather good results.

She didn’t want to persist any further and retrieved her number plate from her sleeve.

However, just at the moment she smashed her number plate, she suddenly heard footsteps coming from behind her.

Why would there be footsteps…. in this array?

For that one moment, Bai Ruo Qi though that she was having hallucinations!

But these footsteps were very light, but very stable. Slowly, slowly walking towards her direction… until it had brushed past her.

Bai Ruo Qi forcefully opened her eyes as she turned around to take a look.