Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 764

Chapter 764 To Advance. Here? 3

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Under Bai Ruo Qi’s blurry gaze, she seemed to have seen a white figure…. Which she found extremely familiar!

How could it be her??

Bai Ruo Qi thought that she was going insane.

Huang Yueli had always been on the boundary of the array, and she had seen it with her own eyes!

Moreover, Bai Ruo Qi had thought that she understood her third sister’s cultivation very well. When they were in South Yue Kingdom, she had just broke through to second stage realm not long before and following that with her serious injury, she probably cannot even be compared to a normal second stage realm first level practitioner!

Now that the pressure had already reached fourth stage realm’s intensity and Huang Yueli was not like her hiding at a blind spot where the array effect was at its weakest so by right this wretched lass should not be able to last that long. So how was it possible that she was still in the array?

Moreover, she was still continuing to move! Towards the centre area!

This was just an impossible thing. At this crucial juncture, to be able to last more than a breath’s timing was already very difficult. Who on earth would take things so hard and move towards the position where the pressure was at its strongest?

But no matter how much disbeliefs Bai Ruo Qi had, Huang Yueli’s figure was already swaying right before her eyes.

Besides that, Huang Yueli was really walking to the centre of the area where the coercion was the most powerful, where the pressure was the largest at the array eye position!

Bai Ruo Qi almost screamed out in shock.

She stared wide eyed, watching Huang Yueli settling down at the array eye and as she sat cross-legged, her sight congealed slightly striking out a standard posture for meditation cultivation.


The minute Bai Ruo Qi opened her mouth, suddenly the intensity of the array lifted yet another level!

She was unable to resist any further as she could only see black and her mind went into a state of dizziness.

By the time she regained her senses, she was already ejected to the outside of the array.

Bai Ruo Qi rested for a little while and when she regained her senses, she could only feel her entire body covered in sweat.

Earlier at that instant when the intensity had once again increased, it had already reached a fourth stage realm third level practitioner’s Profound Energy intensity. This strong pressure was enough to make her feel extremely awful.

At that moment when she was ejected, she almost threw up.

Bai Ruo Qi held her chest as she looked at her surroundings.

The public square was filled with examinees who were ejected from the array and there was really no sight of Huang Yueli here!

That wretched lass was really still inside!

Could be it that the figure which she saw earlier…. Was really her?

How could that be possible? When she was ejected, she herself had already felt so awful that she felt like dying. If that wretched lass was really still in the array and in the centre position of it, just how strong was the pressure there? This was certainly not something which a second stage practitioner could handle!

However, as every minute and second passed by, another three to four people were ejected and within this group of people, there was still no sight of Huang Yueli.

There were a few people whispering in discussion from behind.

“That Bai Ruoli from South Yue Kingdom is still inside and have yet to come out! She is actually able to take such a huge pressure? The intensity in the array should have at least reached fourth stage fifth level already!”

“How is she able to handle it? I saw it earlier that she stood up from the boundary of the array and walked towards the centre area!”

“What? Isn’t the pressure in the inner portion of the array much higher? She still dare to walk towards the inside??”

“That may not be necessary. We are only guessing that the pressure on the inside is much higher. But in actual fact, it may not be true.”