Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 765

Chapter 765 To Advance. Here? 4

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“Then where is she right now?”

“No idea. The range of this array is just too big. With us standing on the outside, we’re not able to see what’s the situation in the centre of the array! Otherwise, I’d also like to see what’s her situation right now!”

The crowd started to discuss at the outside of the array but could only make wild guesses.

Originally, everyone’s main point of concern was the number one genius Song Yaru. But unconsciously, the centre of discussion slowly focused onto Huang Yueli.

Her performance was simply too outstanding and simply too abnormal!

The intensity of the array had already increased to a limitation which could make anyone devastated but not only had she persisted, she had actually walked right into the centre of the array?

Another quarter of an hour went past again and there were only a few practitioners left in the array as they consecutively were ejected outwards.

The antepenultimate person to fail was Lu Zicheng.

When he was ejected, his face was shockingly pale, no difference from a corpse.

He had given all he had got, even his family’s cabala, risking his life to obtain a good result in this round.

When he was ejected, the array’s pressure had reached a fifth stage realm’s intensity!

Lu Zicheng thought that his performance was extremely good as he was self-contentedly struck up a conversation with a few examined whom he was familiar with.

“How was it? How long did I persist in this round? I said long ago that this assessment of willpower is my speciality and I will definitely be able to crush the crowd.”

“Young Master Lu, you’re just too strong! The difficulty of this round of assessment is so high and yet you are still able to get into the top three, you’re really…..”

Before his companions could finish their flattering, Lu Zicheng’s face fell.

“Top three? You mean to say I’m ranked third?? Besides Song Yaru, who else is still in the array? This is not possible? Xue Jingchuan, Fatty from Wang family, Situ Yu….. aren’t they all ejected already?”

Lu Zicheng enumerated the renown talents of their generation in Sky Cloud City and without any exception, these people had already been ejected out of the array and had been eliminated.

As for the remaining few, he simply could not recall who else was stronger than him!

“It’s Bai Ruoli… Bai Ruoli from South Yue Kingdom!”

“What? That lass from the small countryside? How could it be her? This absolutely cannot be true!”

Lu Zicheng’s eyes turned wide as though he was unable to handle this blow that he had lost to a practitioner from a small place!

But at the next moment, something made him even more astonished had happened!

Another human silhouette was ejected from the array as that slender figure glided in the sky falling on the side of the array.

“That Bai Ruoli had finally came out…. her willpower is actually so outstanding. If it wasn’t for Sky Cloud City’s genius Song Yaru, then…..”

The words had stopped abruptly as that person was dumbstruck.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you?” His companion beside him felt something was amiss as he ushered him.

“That… that…..” He didn’t regain his senses for quite a while.

“That what?”

His companion impatiently turned his head around and following his gaze and at the next moment, he too turned petrified.

“The person who was ejected, was….. Song Yaru? Then how about Bai Ruoli?? Surely it was impossible for her to be more powerful than Song Yaru. Since she isn’t out yet, could it be that she had died inside?”

Everyone started discussions, making wild guesses that Huang Yueli had probably gotten into an accident.

Otherwise there was no explanation on why the talented young lady Song Yaru, which her family had groomed so carefully, was not able to be compared to her!

Even the examiner felt that something was amiss and worried that something had really happened. So he sent someone to ask for further instructions from Vice Principal Ling to pre-terminate the assessment and enter the array to rescue her.