Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 766

Chapter 766 Beyond Imagination 1

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But Vice Principal Ling’s reply was, “You’re not allowed to terminate the assessment. Just proceed as per normal and no matter how much time is needed, let that lass inside smash her own number plate to wait for her to be ejected!”

The examiner was filled with suspicions and he really wanted to say that since that lass inside was possibly the top ten examinees in this assessment, so she’s considered as a talent as well. It would be a waste if she really died!

But he was unable to rebuke the Vice Principal.

In actual face, those few who were sitting on the stage could see much more than those below. Moreover, their gazes were all filled with acrimony and incisiveness.

Huang Yueli’s situation in the array had long entered their minds and very quickly, they made a judgement.

“From the obvious external fluctuations of her Profound Energy, this lass…. Surely she wasn’t going to advance here right?”

“To be able to advance in the middle of the examinations, she is really an outstanding genius! Not only is her power of comprehension shocking, moreover and had an exceeding psychological mentality! This lass…. has a bright future ahead of her!”

The crowd exclaimed in admiration as they set their sights focused onto Huang Yueli.

At the present moment, Huang Yueli had already broke out in deep sweat.

When she reached the centre area and steadied her sitting position, she started to initiate her cultivation method.

From the inside towards the outside, the Profound Energy within her body viciously collided against her dantian and meridians whereas the array’s Profound Energy kept coercing her, pressurizing her from the outside to the inside.

Two powerful energies kept fighting against each other, as though it was trying to tear her entire body’s meridians apart entirely!

Intense pain followed closely as it seeped into every inch of her bone marrow, so intense that it was enough to make anyone die on the spot!

But this pain made Huang Yueli overjoyed because this represented that… she was about to advance immediately!

Very soon, the lacerating pain kept rising and after it reached a peak, it completely spread apart!

Intensive and overbearing yet scorching and rampaging fire attributed energy passed through her body!

The pressure from the Profound Energy surrounding Huang Yueli had been completely suppressed at this moment as the entire array’s fire attributed energy were all absorbing towards her as a centre of attraction.

This absorption speed was extremely fast as the atmosphere in the array could be seen visibly to a certain extent as it twisted.

Very quickly, the fire attributed Profound Energy had been stripped completely by her!

This bit of energy for her was not enough!

In this way, she could only continue to absorb the energy from the vast space outside of the array but in this way, the balance of the array would be completely destroyed and the entire array was on the verge of collapse.

The examinees outside the array had all gone into a blank as they stared wide-eyed and turned tongue tied, watching the strange phenomenon appearing right before their eyes.

That array which had bounded so many of them, torturing every single one of them to their last breath was vibrating violently at this very moment.

Blinding blue rays kept flashing past on the outer area of the array as the array patterns was visibly appearing.

On the centre top portion of the array in the sky appeared a large red coloured cloud, several meters in length, like a ball of raging fire suspending over the crowd.

This was the physical state of a congealed fire attributed Profound Energy!

At this moment, this red cloud was continuously attacking the top portion of the array as though it was trying to dash into the array’s inner area!

Those on the stage could no longer sit still as one after another, they subconsciously stood up from their seats.

Everyone’s sight were dead set on the stage below, as they concentrated on the petite figure in the array.