Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 767

Chapter 767 Beyond Imagination 2

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“Impressive, so impressive… from the abnormality of the heavens and earth, it looks like this lass is going to break through not a small level but a large realm!”

“Right. Only when there’s an upgrade of realm would there be such obvious changes in the Profound Energy. This lass had already a second stage realm’s power, so that is to say…. She’s now trying to… break through to… third stage realm??”

When Tang Jinhua said these, he felt that his voice was quivering.

Th… This matter had gone way beyond his imagination!

This lass looked like she wasn’t even fifteen yet! But she was already going to break through to third stage realm even before she had reached the marriageable age?? What kind of innate talent was that?

Even if it was Celest Light Sect’s geniuses, under various resources, not many were able to advance so quickly! As for this lass… she grew up in a small place like South Yue Kingdom!

This innate talent…. Even Bai Liu Feng at that year wasn’t comparable to her.

However, when Vice Principal Ling heard these, he shook his head.

“Look at the large red cloud above her head, the boundary is so huge. When normal practitioners breakthrough to third stage realm, they could never achieve this might! Not only is she going to advance to third stage realm, after her advancement, her power….is probably extraordinary!”

“We had never expected that in this batch of students, the Celestial Light Academy was actually able to attract such a peerless talent!”

At this moment, Huang Yueli had almost lost her consciousness.

She could no longer feel the changes in the outer world or even hear any sounds.

All her senses were kept within her body and all her Profound Energy were concentrated in her dantian.

Under the oppression of the Profound Energies, the continuous rejections, oppression followed by rejection again… it resembled a heart’s rhythm, contracting and expanding…..

Suddenly, Huang Yueli slowly opened her eyes as the red cloud above her head continued to attack the top of the array.

She stretched out her finger and struck a hand sign towards the array’s eye and the array instantly disappeared.

A large amount of fire attributed Profound Energy rushed down from the sky and gushed into her body.

Huang Yueli seemed unable to take such a huge strike and immediate spat out a mouthful of blood!

At this moment, the Profound Energy crashing within her body suddenly restrained itself towards her dantian and subsequently grew smaller and smaller, gradually turning into a light spot, floating on the top of her dantian.

Following the formation of the light spot, the rampaging Profound Energy in her body slowly settled down.

Huang Yueli grew delightful as she knew she had already advanced successfully to become a third stage practitioner!

The light spot in her body was the mark of a third stage practitioner – Spirit Embryonic Form!

Because the Profound Energy in her dantian had formed into a spiritual form, so the Profound Energy in her body could attach itself to the spirit. No matter if it was the pureness of the Profound Energy or the storage of the amount of Profound Energy, there was a sharp rise.

As the third stage realm was also the Spirit Profound Realm, compared to second stage’s Defensive Profound Realm practitioners, the leap in the difference of the power could not be out on the same level.

Profound Energy was still on the rise expanding, moving upscale. Now long after she had advanced to third stage first level, she advanced to third stage second level and immediately after that, third stage third level…..

However, just as she had broken through to third stage third level, the speed of the increasing Profound Energy suddenly slowed down.

After that, it grew slower and slower….

Just on the verge of breaking through to third stage fourth level, it suddenly came to a halt.