Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 769

Chapter 769 The Fake Cannot Replace The Real 1

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The Examiner recovered from his shock when he heard what she said, as he remembered his duty.

“Oh, right, right, the assessment results! The third round of the assessment results are out and your performance have exceeded my expectations. Especially Bai Ruoli who had persisted in the array for an entire four hours, she had already broken our academy’s entrance examinations record!”

“With this comes your ranking after consolidating the three rounds of assessment marks…..”

The examiner directed some people to post the results on the ranking board.

Without a doubt, Huang Yueli had directly rose to the first place while Song Yaru could only settle for second place.

This ranking was not the least bit apprehensive and no matter how unresigned Song Yaru felt, she could only accept this result.

Bai Ruo Qi stared at the ranking board and saw her own ranking rose to the twentieth place as she let out a smile.

Although Huang Yueli actually advanced during the middle of the assessment and she even advanced to third stage realm which made her gnashed her teeth with hatred almost to the point of fainting on the spot.

But at the very least, she had successfully enrolled into Celestial Light Academy!

As long as she could enter this number one school in South Sky Region, when she was going to learn the cultivation methods in future, she would be able to enjoy various resources and she would be able to raise her cultivation by several levels!

Perhaps she might even surpass Huang Yueli one day!

“With this, I hereby announce the name list for those who have been officially enrolled…..”

“Wait a minute!”

An elderly voice cut into the examiner’s words.

Vice Principal Ling led the few management staff on the stage and walked slowly to the public square. The examiner cried out in shock as he hurriedly rushed over to welcome them.

The examinees on the public square began discussing in whispers.

Although they didn’t recognise the others, but Vice Principal Ling had announced the assessment rewards earlier so everyone knew who he was. The vigor of the few elders beside him were comparable to Vice Principal Ling so they were definitely important people in the academy as well.

Why did they all appear here suddenly? Had the assessments all been completed?

Vice Principal Ling lowered his heard, told the examiner something and passed him a slip of paper.

The examiner nodded his head as he walked to the front of the stage.

“Vice Principal Ling had personally verified this assessments enrolment name list. Everyone please remain silent and listen to the announcement of the result.”

At that instant, everyone quietened down.

“The first place of this time’s examinations is Bai Ruoli who is from South Yue Kingdom. She will be getting the following rewards for the first place: One piece of fourth tier lower grade Profound Armament, twenty thousand medium grade spirit stones and besides that, a hundred star coins. Other than that, due to Bai Ruoli’s outstanding performance, Vice Principal Ling decided to make an exception and enrol her directly as a core student!”

Once it was announced, a hustle of bustling stirred.

Song Yaru too, enviously looked towards Huang Yueli.

Celestial Light Academy’s regulations was newly enrolled students could only start from an ordinary student. At most they would be given a prospective core student qualification and would enjoy some extra resources. But to officially enrol as a core student, they would need to wait until the first semester’s examinations.

The last person who had broken the exception to be upgraded to a core student was Celestial Light Academy’s famous number one talent Bai Liu Feng!

Now that this little lass had gotten the same kind of treatment, it really made others envious and jealous.

“Second place is Song family’s Song Yaru. The rewards that she will be getting is….”

As expected, Song Yaru was not accepted directly as a core student, but was only given a prospected core student quota.

“Third place…..”

Very soon, the one hundred examinees who had been recruited was announced.

Those who were recruited were delighted while those who had been eliminated were filled with despair, an obvious difference.

Bai Ruo Qi was the only one who had a blank look.

Because she discovered that she actually didn’t hear her own name.