Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 770

Chapter 770 The Fake Cannot Replace The Real 2

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What on earth was going on?

Looking at her surroundings were either overjoyed or disappointed people. As for Bai Ruo Qi, besides uncertainty, there was still only uncertainty.

She had already been recruited, wasn’t it? She was one of the top ranking examinees in all three rounds and after the last round, she had even managed to be ranked twentieth!

Celestial Light Academy’s enrolment examinations had always been fair and with her ranking, it was impossible to be eliminated!

But…. why didn’t she hear her own name?

Bai Ruo Qi was at a loss for a moment when she suddenly thought of a possibility.

That was right, earlier when the first round of assessment had ended, the examiner had already announced that she was pre-selected and even gave her a quota for prospective core student!

So that probably meant that she didn’t occupy a quota among the one hundred new students which was why her name wasn’t called out.

So she was actually pre-selected!

Right, that should be it!

The examiner only gave the examinees a very short amount of time before he hastily continued, “Now that the assessment results have been announced, those practitioners who had not been recruited, please leave Celestial Light Academy immediately. As for those who had been recruited, congratulations to all of you. From now onwards, you’re a member of the Celestial Light Academy! Later on, an upper class student will drop by and show you around the school grounds, followed by bringing you to where you will be staying. Will the new students who have been recruited please line up according to your examination number plates and follow me over here.”

After the examiner completed his words, he walked towards the inner zone of the academy.

Those new students who were lucky to be selected recollected their senses from their delightfulness and hastily ran over.

As for those who were eliminated, no matter how unreconciled they were, they didn’t dare to be persistent as they drooped their heads and prepared to leave.

Bai Ruo Qi looked left and right and joined the new students team.

The examiner stopped in his footsteps as he tallied the total number of people when he suddenly frowned.

“What’s the situation now? Why is there one more person? I’ve made myself very clear earlier, the examinee who had not been selected must leave Celestial Light Academy immediately! Why is there someone who still lingered around and refused to leave? I’m giving you one last warning, if you don’t leave now, then I’ll treat the case as intentionally creating problem!”

After the examiner completed his sentence, he paused but no one left on their own accord.

This time, even those new students were amazed. What kind of place was Celestial Light Academy, there’s actually someone who tried to bluff their way through? What was stored in their brain? Isn’t that person’s guts just a little too big!

Bai Ruo Qi was sneering in her heart.

There’s someone who is so pigheaded! The examiner had already said it till this and that person still refused to leave!

She really wanted to see how this person can fake his death through!

The examiner’s brows creased as he commanded, “Everyone take out your number plates and let’s verify the total!”

Bai Ruo Qi had never considered that the person who should be chased out was in fact herself.

Very calmly, she took out her number plate.

The examiner checked the number plates one by one and when he swept past Bai Ruo Qi’s number plate, his face immediately sunk.

“So it’s you! Number sixty three Bai Ruo Qi, how dare you not listen to orders and leave Celestial Light Academy, what are you trying to do? What place do you think Celestial Light Academy is? All unrelated people are not permitted to enter the academy grounds!”

Bai Ruo Qi was showered down by a scolding as she went into a daze.

She blankly stood on her original spot and after a while, she regained her senses.

“Mis… Mister Examiner, you’re mistaken! I am one of those who had been pre-selected! Not someone who is unrelated!”

The examiner replied coldly, “Really? But I don’t recall seeing your name on the enrolment name list.”