Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 772

Chapter 772 The Fake Cannot Replace The Real 4

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The examiner was infuriated to the point of laughter.

“You still dare to deny? You really think everyone is a fool? You have cheated in all three rounds of enrolment examinations and with undeniable evidence, you still dare to say that you had obtained high marks but not been selected? Still dare to complain that Celestial Light Academy’s assessment is unfair? If we were to recruit you, then it would really be unfair to the other examinees!”

The minute he completed his sentence, the crowd went into an uproar.

“Cheated? Bai Ruo Qi cheated?”

“No wonder a practitioner from a small country like her had not much innate talent, cultivation methods or Profound Skills but she was still among to be ranked in the top twenty! I had suspected something was amiss long ago!”

“But which part did she cheated in? I couldn’t tell at all? Is this real? Although her results are indeed a little exaggerated, but to say she cheated, there must be evidence and they cannot just anyhow frame a good person right?”

The topic of cheating was simply too sensitive and from that moment onwards, the looks on Bai Ruo Qi had changed.

As a practitioner, they were very particular about being just and upright as they pursued the extreme boundary of martial arts. For someone who deviated from the correct pathway and cheated was despised by everyone.

Moreover, to cheat in the examinations would affect the interests of everyone else!

In the midst of the noise, Huang Yueli didn’t take part in it. Her lips curled up slightly revealing a calm smile but she didn’t say anything.

When Bai Ruo Qi heard the examiner’s words, it felt like a pail of ice cold water showering down on her head, making her feel cold to the max from top to toe.

Cheated in all three rounds of assessment…. Undeniable evidence…..

The words kept reverberating around in her head making her discomposed.

Could it be that…. Celestial Light Academy had really found evidence of her cheating in the examinations? Wa… was this possible?

She had obviously been commended in the first round of assessment!

From the first to the third round of assessment, her name was in the ranking list and if they had discovered that she cheated earlier, should they chase her out immediately? Why would they allow her to complete all three round of assessment?

Bai Ruo Li thought it through but she couldn’t get an answer.

The examiner stared at her through his icy cold eyes and continued speaking.

“The first round was to test your control of strength and technique. The most difficult part was how to distribute your strength in the most suitable way within a short period of time and with only one chance. Other than you, even though the others understood the complexity of the assessment content, they were unable to find the best case solution immediately.”

When Bai Ruo Qi heard this, she knew trouble was brewing.

Celestial Light Academy’s staff were really sharp-eyed and saw through her problem!

Only thing was this groundless evidence was not enough to convict her!

Bai Ruo Qi tried her best to stabilise herself as she found a reason to retort, “Why do you feel that I cannot find the best case solution? This thinking just suddenly popped into my mind, can’t it?”

The examiner replied coldly, “If you must insist on explaining in this way, it’s fine. This round, we’ll just consider your power of understanding as overwhelming and you are inborn with an ability to analyse things.”

He hastily continued, “Then in the second round of assessment, you’re the first one to discover the relationship between the attack intensity and speed while passing through the steel cable. May I ask, how did you discover this regulation?”

“I…. I just…. just saw through it… can’t I?” Bai Ruo Qi hemmed and hawed as she replied.

“Oh? Saw through it? Did you know that the steel cable was embedded with an array patterns of fourth tier and above so that it could activate such strong intensity attack power? What do you have to be able to see through it at one look?”