Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 774

Chapter 774 Crushed By Power 2

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Hearing Bao Ruo Qi’s obvious words to change the focus of attention, Huang Yueli’s lips curled upwards as her smile turned even more enchanting.

After breaking through to third stage realm, Huang Yueli’s looks had somewhat upgraded.

Even though there wasn’t much changes from her previous look, but she had imperceptibly became much prettier. Even if she had to stand next to Song Yaru, the famous beauty in Sky Cloud City, she would have the upper hand.

At this moment, her smile was delicate and attractive, as many young men were lost while looking at her.

But this sweet smile, in Bai Ruo Qi’s eyes was extremely terrifying.

She unconsciously took a step back, “Wh…what are you thinking of? What’s there to smile about? I’m telling you, don’t think just because your cultivation is much higher, then you will be able to threaten me…..”

Huang Yueli smiled while shaking her head, that pair of clear eyes contained a glint of sympathy, as though she was looking at a retard.

“Your joke is really funny! Do I even need to cheat? My cultivation… is originally the highest among this batch of examinees! Today before I advanced, I was already at second stage nine level cultivation so to obtain first place was expected! As for trash who had just entered the second stage like you, what right do you have to question me?”

Initially she was still all smiles as her tone was gentle and soft but as she continued to the end of her words, her tone had obviously became severe!

When she was completing her last sentence, the words she spat out even contained some traces of pressure from her Profound Energy!

When her words were out, Bai Ruo Qi was pressured until her blood was raging and her chest felt dull, as she almost spat out blood!

This was the might that a superior had over a junior and now that she was already a third stage third level practitioner, to deal with Bai Ruo Qi a second stage first level practitioner was a breeze.

She didn’t even need to use any Profound Skill or personally strike out. Only just using the pressure was enough to make Bai Ruo Qi seriously injured!

This powerful presence slowly spread out and the surrounding new students were affected as well as they subconsciously took a few steps backwards. At the same time, their eyes were filled with shock!

Several new students who had felt unreconciled earlier could not help but to acknowledge her power!

That’s right, she was now a third stage practitioner! Her might had long exceeded theirs!

No matter how far away or how insignificant her background was, she could absolutely crush them now! Under the absolute different in power, to doubt the other party would only invite trouble for themselves!

“Great! You’re worthy of being Bai Liu Feng’s daughter, you really resemble some senses of his imposing attitude that year!”

A burst of laughter was heard from the back of the crowd.

Following that, several elderly people walked up towards them from the back.

The examiner raised his head as his expression changed and hurriedly welcomed them and prostrated to the ground.

“Principal Jiang, wh… why have you graced the occasion with your presence?”

The new students all went into a blank as they quickly looked at the elderly man, their excited faces filled with shock and delight!

Principal Jiang…. Could this be Celestial Light Academy’s one and only original Principal Jiang Tuxin??

Jiang Tuxin himself was a very powerful man and was an eight stage realm practitioner. In the entire Sky Cloud City, he was considered as one of the top exponents!

Moreover, his backing was Celestial Light Sect and to be sent here to fully take charge of Celestial Light Academy, one of the most important properties, in the Sect, he was considered as someone with status and was deemed as a valuable person.

To the new students who were present, Jiang Tuxin was absolutely a person who they need to look up to as he belonged to the legendary expert level.

Normally, the academy’s daily affairs were handled by Vice Principal Ling so Jiang Tuxin rarely showed his presence.

No one had expected that on their first day of entering Celestial Light Academy, they would be able to meet Principal Jiang!