Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 775

Chapter 775 Crushed By Power 3

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The new students were all extremely excited as they followed the examiner and prostrated onto the ground.

“Nice to meet you, Principal Jiang~~~~~!”

Only Huang Yueli didn’t follow suit and as the crowd suddenly lowered their heights, her presence immediately stuck out.

However, not only was Jiang Tuxin not angry, he actually laughed as his eyes were filled with admiration.

“Not bad, not bad at all! You’re Bai Liu Feng’s daughter? I met your mother that year and that was when your parents had just got married! In a blink of an eye, you’ve already grown so big and you really resemble your mother! However that temper resembles more to your father.”

Huang Yueli saw that there wasn’t any hypocrisy hidden in his kindness and instantly generated some senses of liking for him.

An elderly person with good moral standing and reputation like Principal Jiang was able to treat her with kindly and with such enthusiasm came naturally from her father’s face so Huang Yueli wasn’t someone who didn’t know better.

She instantly cupped her hand in obeisance as she saluted to him, “Nice to meet you Principal Jiang. My father is indeed Bai Liu Feng.”

“Great, that’s really great!” Jiang Tuxin’s wrinkled face was filled with smiles, “That year, I had personally taught your father and he is one of the most talented practitioners that I had ever met! But unfortunately he refused to join our Celestial Light Sect. Today, you have inherited your father’s innate talent and also entered Celestial Light Academy so this really made me feel extremely gratified!”

“I heard that you had obtained first place in this round of enrolment examinations and Vice Principal Ling had already given you the position of a core student! Additionally, I shall now give you three chances to choose any Profound Armament or treasures in the Profound Weapon Chambers and any cultivation method in the first three levels of the Scripture Depository! So you must work hard. With your innate talent, when you join Celestial Light Academy, there are high hopes of you becoming one of the inner disciples! Don’t disappoint me!”

When Huang Yueli heard this, she instantly felt disappointed.

To have an opportunity to choose Profound Armaments or cultivation methods to her was equivalent to not gaining any advantages!

In her previous life, she had obtained various cultivation methods and those would definitely much higher levelled than the cultivation methods for core students to train. As for Profound Armaments, she herself could refine it. Just merely an academy’s Profound Armament Chambers was probably not much better than armaments which she could refine herself…..

It was better to give her spirit jades or high levelled medicinal herbs which was much practical!

But she didn’t express that out and politely replied, “Thank you Principal Jiang for your benevolence, I will do my best to pursue my cultivation!”

Principal Jiang was very satisfied with her attitude as he nodded his head.

At this moment, the crowd went into another round of bustling.

Even though Huang Yueli didn’t thought much of the advantages that Jiang Tuxin gave to her, but in the eyes of the new students, this was a huge pie that had dropped out from the sky! This was a big opportunity that everyone would grab even in their dreams!

The Profound Armament Chambers was filled with Profound Armaments which were fourth tier and above. As for the treasures that filled the shelves, those were likely Profound Weapons which were fifth tier upper grade and above!

Each piece of these Profound Armaments were extremely pricey and even as core students, they would need to accumulate masses of star currency before they could enter and exchange for one piece, so very few people was able to obtain two pieces and above!

As for Celestial Light Academy’s cultivation methods, it was even more famous!

Ordinary students could only enter the first level of the Scripture Depository while core students could enter the second level. But Principal Jiang had directly allowed Huang Yueli to casually enter the third level to pick any cultivation method she wished!

What concept was that? The Scripture Depository was filled with Earth tier medium grade Profound Skills and cultivation methods!

If one could choose something which was suitable for their use, just learning a few moves would enable that person to move horizontally in Celestial Light Academy!