Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 776

Chapter 776 Crushed By Power 4

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Everyone’s eyes were filled with envy as they looked upon Huang Yueli.

When Bai Ruo Qi saw what was happening and heard Principal Jiang’s praises and promised rewards, her heart felt especially sour.

As Principal Jiang was preparing to leave, she hurriedly shot up like an arrow and blocked his passage.

“Pr…Principal Jiang!”

Jiang Tuxin paused momentarily as he frowned and looked at Bai Ruo Qi.

“Who are you?”

Bai Ruo Qi hastily replied, “Principal Jiang, I’m also from South Yue Kingdom and my name is Bai Ruo Qi. I’m Bai Ruoli’s cousin! Bai Liu Feng is my uncle!”

Bai Ruo Qi quickly clarified her status with the hope that since Principal Jiang gave that lass with such good treatment, praised her in front of everyone and rewarding her with Profound Armaments and cultivation methods, wasn’t it all because of Bai Liu Feng?

Then she was also Bai Liu Feng’s niece!

Although a niece wasn’t as close as a biological daughter but she was still considered as a close relative! She should more or less be able to gain some advantage.

At the very least, he should be able to let her retain in Celestial Light Academy?

However, when Jiang Tuxin heard her introduce herself, he didn’t expressed an overjoyed look like what she had expected. Instead his face sunk!

An eight stage practitioner’s imposing manner was shockingly strong and even if Jiang Tuxin didn’t intentionally release his might, it still made Bai Ruo Qi trembled.

“You are Bai Ruo Qi?”

“Yes….” Bai Ruo Qi somehow felt something was amiss.

As expected, Jiang Tuxin snorted heavily as he spoke sternly, “So you’re that girl who cheated today’s examinations! It had been several decades since anyone dared to cheat in Celestial Light Academy! How shameless are you! And to think that you’re Bai Liu Feng’s niece! With you as his niece, it has certainly brought him discredit!”

Jiang Tuxin’s tone was extremely severe as he displayed his imposing manner.

Just a few stern words had already shocked the examinees present as they all lowered their heads, not daring to breathe out loud.

As for Bai Ruo Qi, she was soaked entirely in her own sweat as she stood there blankly, totally immobile.

How…. How could this happen?

Hadn’t Principal Jiang just came over? How did he find out about herself cheating?

However, at this point of time, there wasn’t any moment for her to think deeply as her legs gave way and she knelt down onto the ground crying out loud.

“Principal Jiang, I know I have done wrongly. I’m in the wrong, I shouldn’t have cheated in the examination! It’s because I really, really want to enrol into Celestial Light Academy and I’m really worried that I would make my uncle lose face! So… So I took the risk! Now I know I’m in the wrong, I beg Principal to give me another chance! As long as I can stay in Celestial Light Academy, I resolve to change and make a fresh new start and will never ever cheat again!”

Bai Ruo Qi cried extremely sadly as her eyes turned red, displaying a remorseful look.

All the people present were shocked as they stared with their wide eyes and started discussing in whispers.

“Heavens, Bai Ruo Qi has admitted that she really cheated!”

“Isn’t that so? Earlier the evidence was already so obvious but she was denying it so badly! Now that Principal is here, she can no longer keep up with it?”

“How can we retain such a person in Celestial Light Academy?”

Various ridicule and jeering came from all around and Bai Ruo Qi was both ashamed and furious as her face flushed into beetroot red! She couldn’t wait to hide herself into a hole in the ground.

This time, not only had she lost face, she had even thrown it into Sky Cloud City!

Once the matter of cheating in examinations was leaked out, she would become the laughing stock among the entire Sky Cloud City’s practitioners, never able to raise her head up high!