Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 777

Chapter 777 Whats Called A Tycoon 1

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If it wasn’t for the current situation, even if she was beaten to death, Bai Ruo Qi would never admit that she cheated.

But she was very clear that as long as she admitted her wrongdoing in front of Principal Jiang and expressed that she would repent and turn over a new leaf, then would she be able to gain Jiang Tuxin’s sympathy and mercy to let her stay!

Bai Ruo Qi clenched her teeth as she tried her best to suppress the melancholy feeling and continued howling, “Principal Jiang, please let me stay on accord of my uncle’s face? Surely you won’t hope that my uncle would see his own niece being chased out of Celestial Light Academy when he returns? He will be so disappointed…..”

“He he, why would my father be disappointed? He would only be more than happy!”

A sweet young voice was heard laughing.

“You!” Bai Ruo Qi suddenly jerked her head upwards.

Huang Yueli smiled indifferently, “Second Sister, please stop throwing our Bai family’s reputation! What position does my father hold. If news of his niece cheating and still lingered around refusing to leave were to spread, that would really make him embarrassed! Since you have the guts to do such a thing, then you should be able to take the consequences! What does acting pitiful do?”

“That’s absolutely right!”

Jiang Tuxin gave Huang Yueli a glance of admiration.

Following that, he looked at Bai Ruo Qi as his glare turned icy, “Earlier when I arrived, I could still hear you trying to deny the allegations. But now that you’ve been exposed, you start to cry and act pitiful? I’d have never expected that Bai Liu Feng’s lifelong illustrious name had almost been ruined by a shameless lass like you! Vice Principal Ling, according to school regulations, what is the punishment for cheating?”

Vice Principal Ling hurriedly walked over and said, “According to school regulations, if officially enrolled students were to be caught cheating, they would be stripped of their entire cultivation and meridians deposed and driven out of the academy. If there are no unexpected events, then the person would never be able to cultivate for his entire lifetime! As this Bai Ruo Qi is still not an official student, we can still barely let her keep her cultivation. After the punishment of twelve whips, she will be driven out of the academy! As for her cheating ways, I will inform all academies in South Sky Region to keep record of her!”

Jiang Tuxin nodded and said, “Although the punishment is slightly lenient, but on account of Bai Liu Feng, we shall do it in this way. Quickly get our men to bring her away and not delay the new students itinerary to tour the school!”

The examiner hastily replied and instructed someone to bring Bai Ruo Qi away.

Bai Ruo Qi had wanted to struggle and defend herself a bit more but Celestial Light Academy’s law enforcement team were not South Yue Kingdom’s Golden Scaled Guards. All of them had extraordinary skills and not someone who she could resist against.

Bai Ruo Qi’s mouth was stuffed by someone from the back and her meridians were subdued in a few moves, rendering her immobile and was taken away immediately.

Not long after, Bai Ruo Qi’s blood curdling screeches could be heard. Apparently, she had already been brought to suffer the whip punishment.

Hearing that miserable shrieks, those new students all shuddered.

The crowd had originally felt satisfied that Bai Ruo Qi was punished for her cheating ways as they held smiles on their faces but when they heard her blood curdling screeches, all of them started to be terrified.

Bai Ruo Qi seemed to be the niece of some important person in Celestial Light Academy but yet she was punished to such a miserable state.

She was already being whipped as a punishment and after that, her cheating record would be informed to all academies!

To be turned away from Celestial Light Academy because of such a reason, which other academy would dare to take her in? Wouldn’t Bai Ruo Qi’s future… be all ruined?

Terrifying, too terrifying!

Moreover, earlier Principal Jiang had mentioned if an official student was caught cheating, that student would be stripped of his cultivation!