Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 778

Chapter 778 Whats Called A Tycoon 2

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Celestial Light Academy’s regulations were so strict and anyone who dared to violate the school regulations would pay a heavy price for it!

All the new students became aware of the dangers and the joy from being recruited earlier had all disappeared. In replacement, they revered Celestial Light Academy!

Huang Yueli noticed the crowd’s reaction and smiled while lost in thought.

This Principal Jiang was proven to be a famed practitioner. After managing Celestial Light Academy for so many years, the method he took was really not ordinary. Not only had he dealt with Bai Ruo Qi, he also killed the chicken to warn the monkeys!

All of these new students were all held in high respects before they entered the school as their eyes were on the top of them heads. But at this moment, they had turned into obedient children.

After Principal Jiang left, the examiner brought the new students to the inside of the academy. Following that, he got several older senior students to bring the new students to tour the academy.

Celestial Light Academy’s floor area was extremely big, Not only did it occupied an entire Spiritual Artery, the circumference of several hundred miles even had more than ten individual training grounds and specialised closed door cultivation rooms for students to cultivate.

These closed door cultivation rooms were built along the Spiritual Artery’s core zone and accompanied with Qi gathering array, the Profound Qi within were abundant so it took only half the effort while cultivating.

Even Huang Yueli took interest in this. Ever since she was reborn, she didn’t had any chance to cultivate in such a high class closed door cultivation room and just taking in those sparse Profound Qi from the air, even if she had set up a Qi gathering array, the effect really made one wanted to cry!

A senior brother with the surname Lin introduced, “Everyone have seen these closed door cultivation rooms on the Spiritual Artery. The Profound Qi in abundant and the cultivation effects are extremely good. But if you want to enter the closed door cultivation room, you will need to pay a large amount of star currency. So temporarily you will not get the chance!”

“Star currency? What’s that?” Someone asked immediately.

Senior Brother Lin patiently explained, “Star currency is the commonly used currency in Celestial Light Academy. There are many facilities in the academy which requires payment by star currency. For example to enter the closed door cultivation rooms, or Sutra Depository to rent cultivation methods or Profound Skills manuals . But for yearly promotion, there would be a minimum target of star currency before you can be promoted.”

“There are many ways to obtain star currency. To explain simply, it is distributed based on everyone’s contributions, big or small, and the marks you obtain. Take this round’s enrolment examinations for example, everyone would have obtained star currency as a reward. First place will get one hundred coins, second place would get ninety nine coins progressively decreasing in succession and the one hundredth place would get one star currency!”

“So in future when you take part in the annual examinations or various training, if you obtain the top few rankings, you will get a reward.”

“But everyone must cherish this as within this year, this entrance examinations reward is your biggest fortune. Very few students would have star currency in their accounts within the first year so you must cherish the fortune in your own hands!”

Upon hearing that, the new students became anxious.

It seemed that the stiff competition within Celestial Light Academy was not only a rumour.

Whatever they do, they will need star currencies but yet they only had that few on hand.

Especially those new students whose ranking were far back, their faces held a look of despair.

Heavens, they only had that pitiful amount of star currency on hand so what could they do with it?

Only Huang Yueli had an indifferent look as she asked, “Senior Brother Lin, how much star currency do we need to rent one of the closed door cultivation rooms on this Spiritual Artery? Can I trouble you to tell us more!”

Senior Brother Lin said, “Every closed door cultivation room’s fees are different. The more higher up the room, the more expensive it will get.”