Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 779

Chapter 779 Whats Called A Tycoon 3

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“It costs one star currency a day at the foot of the mountain. As for halfway up the mountain, the feed is five star currency a day. The rooms near the top of the mountain is ten star currency a day. The best rooms on the top of the mountain costs twenty star currency a day!”

“Fwah….. so expensive!!!”

The new students expressions turned extremely ugly as sweat started to form on their foreheads.

Closed door cultivation rooms outside the academy were calculated on a monthly basis. Celestial Light Academy’s rooms were actually based on day rate!

Moreover, the pricing was exorbitant!

Even the worst closed cultivation rooms needed one star currency a day. Only heavens knew that the last student to be recruited only had just one star currency!

Moreover from Senior Brother Lin’s meaning, he had to use that one star currency to live throughout this year and his entire fortune….. could merely cultivate for one day in the worst closed door cultivation room??

Even if it was first place with one hundred star currency, she could only cultivate for three months at the foot of the mountain…..

Three months was not enough for an entire year.

Moreover, there were plenty of places at Celestial Light Academy which required spending, so surely it cannot be used entirely to pay for the rental of the closed door cultivation rooms right?

Upon hearing Senior Brother Lin’s introduction, the pressure on the new students grew larger….. they had thought that once they entered Celestial Light Academy, they would easily obtain a huge amount of resources! So they had thought too much!

There were resources everywhere and in fact, it had been even better than what they had imagined!

But no matter which one it was, they had to pay a price to exchange for it!

Only the really strong people had the resources to become even stronger!

The weak ones would be eliminated very soon.

Senior Brother Lin looked at the new students green and white faces and the corners of the lips curled upwards into a smile.

He was also once a newcomer and naturally knew what they were thinking about now. To take a hit was definite but who asked them to be newcomers? They had to go through their own struggles to prove their worth before they could stand strong in the academy.

“Alright, the tour of the closed door cultivation is now completed. So following this, we will now go to the rear mountain and take a look at the Sutra Depository…..”

“Wait a while, Senior Brother Lin!”

Senior Brother Lin paused in his tracks and upon turning back, hr discovered it was Huang Yueli.

He replied in a friendly manner, “Junior Sister, what’s the matter?”

Huang Yueli displayed outstanding performance in the new students enrolment examinations and at her young age, she became a third stage practitioner. So it was imaginable that her future had boundless prospects so Senior Brother Lin’s attitude towards her was different from the others.

Huang Yueli said, “I won’t be following you all to tour the other grounds of the academy. I intend to stay here and go into closed door cultivation so I’d like to ask if I can pay the star currency now directly and rent the closed door cultivation room?”

Senior Brother Lin went into an obvious blank, “Ah? Y… yes you can but… but, you really want to rent the closed door cultivation room?”

Senior Brother Lin’s expression was very interesting and this was the first time he had ever heard any new students would rent a closed door cultivation room on their first day.

Even if it was new student who had gotten first place, that one hundred star currency was not enough to rave about!

Huang Yueli nodded, “That’s right, I had broken through to the first stage realm in the third round of assessment. Perhaps it was due to the examination, my breakthrough was forced and my base is not stable, so I’d like to immediately go into closed door cultivation to stabilise myself.”

“I see.”

Senior Brother Lin nodded in understanding.

To breakthrough to third stage realm was a huge matter to all core students and they indeed needed to go into closed door cultivation room for some time.

“As long as there’s empty rooms, then you will be able to rent it. I’ll go help you ask so which position do you want to rent? And how many days?”