Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 781

Chapter 781 Star Currency Is So Easy To Earn 1

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The minute the closed door cultivation room door was opened, Huang Yueli was both overjoyed and surprised.

Celestial Light Academy was really worthy of the number one academy in the South Sky Region. The cultivation terms was indeed not ordinary.

From the foot of the mountain to the top, she felt that the abundant Profound Energy along this Spiritual Artery was at least a fourth grade Spiritual Artery.

As for the mountain top’s closed door cultivation room, it gathered a large amount of Profound Energy from heaven and earth and there was an array which could regulate the Profound Energy’s attributes and intensity.

Twenty star currencies…. were really well spent!

Huang Yueli wasn’t too worries about not having enough star currency to earn. After all, a skilful Armament Master didn’t have to worry about that at all.

She activated the array, sat down cross legged and started her cultivation.

Due to the forced advancement, the spiritual body gathered in her body wasn’t very stable and her meridians were slightly damaged.

This sort of internal injury would normally require at least a month to completely recover.

But with this closed door cultivation room, she would be able to repair all the hidden illness in her body within three days.

The only thing to regret was that she had attempted several times to continue advancing but every single time she was on the verge of third stage fourth level, she would meet a bottleneck and stop.

It seemed that if she didn’t gather all the medicinal herbs recorded on <> then she can forget about advancing easily.

Three days passed by in a flash.

Huang Yueli stretched her body as she stood up, and at the same thing continued to ponder.

These three days of closed door cultivation effect wasn’t too bad at all and in future, she could come frequently to cultivate. She also heard that she could rent high class refinery using star currency so it would definitely be of use in future.

Just from this, the places which used star currency was quite a lot!

But how do they earn star currency?

She thought about this on the way while walking and as she was leaving the room, someone called out to her.

“Junior Sister Bai, you have a few visitors and they had been here since three days ago. Do you want to meet them?”


Before the Senior Sister could reply, someone called out from the back.

“Bai Ruoli! It’s really you!”

Huang Yueli turned back and saw a young lady dressed in light purple skirt pouncing towards her.

“Younger Sister Li, I’m Su Qingyue! We haven’t met for several years already! I heard the others say the new student who got first place is Bai Ruoli from South Yue Kingdom and I thought I was dreaming! How did you…. weren’t you not able to cultivate in the past? How did you become so incredible so suddenly!”

Huang Yueli went into a blank and quickly sought out this person from her memories.

This Su Qingyue was a daughter a reputable family from the neighbouring South Ming Kingdom and when she was young, she had followed her father to Valiant Martial Manor as a guest and played often with the original Bai Ruoli.

Her innate talent was of fifth grade lower but she was very easy going. Even after Bai Liu Feng had disappeared, she would still drop by frequently to play with Bai Ruoli.

But ever since she had enrolled into Celestial Light Academy two years ago, she had lost contact with Bai Ruoli.

Huang Yueli revealed a smile, “Elder Sister Su, it’s actually you! I miss you too! As for my cultivation matters, that’s a long story…..”

She had a fond liking towards Su Qingyue. After all, with such an innate talent but still retaining such nice personality wasn’t commonly seen.

Huang Yueli and Su Qingyue started reminiscing about old times.

When the both of them were talking halfway, the Senior Sister manager suddenly ran in.

“Junior Sister Bai, your number one place is really a hot potato! You’ve just came out from closed door cultivation and someone had already sent you a battle invitation to fight!”

“Battle invitation?” Huang Yueli blinked her eyes as she felt slightly lost.

Su Qingyue’s expression, on the other hand, changed.