Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 782

Chapter 782 Star Currency Is So Easy To Earn 2

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“What battle invitation?” Huang Yueli asked.

Before the Senior Sister could reply, Su Qingyue had butted into the conversation and hastily said, “Younger Sister Li, don’t casually agree to these fights! Those people who sent you these battle invitations all harbour ill intentions!”

“Oh? What do you mean?”

Su Qingyue explained, “You just arrived at Celestial Light Academy so you don’t know. This sort of battle invitations are official fights and will be openly held at the academy’s Martial Arts Stage. Moreover each individual battle uses star currency for betting purpose. Each bet requires at least ten star currency! You also know that star currency is hard to get right? Battles are one of the fastest way to earn star currencies.”

“Most new students in the top few places would get star currencies as a reward in the entrance examinations when they just entered the school. So some shameless senior students would take advantage that the new students don’t know what’s going on and will send you a battle invitation when you just entered the school!”

“The top few new students would normally feel that they are the most outstanding among all the new students, so to go against the senior students would not be a problem. Once they get heated up, they will agree to the battle. In actual fact, those students who had stayed in the academy for two years or not, even if their innate talent isn’t very high, but their power are much higher than the new students by several times! So new students had never won before!”

Hearing Su Qingyue’s explanation, Huang Yueli finally understood.

This meant they were trying to take advantage of the new students?

Honestly speaking, she had seen quite a number of such scums in her previous life and there were quite a number of such disciples in Mythical Flame Palace.

Actually, it looked like these people had gained advantage but since they only dared to challenge those who were weaker than them, this was a very serious psychological damage and it would affect one’s initiative so it would be difficult to have much achievements in future.

Huang Yueli replied, “Now this is interesting. So Celestial Light Academy has such a tradition! Sister Qingyue, quickly tell me what are the regulations during the battle?”

There’s a lot! All the Celestial Light Academy’s students would have a uniformed ranking at the Martial Arts Stage. If one’s ranks was lower than those higher ranked people, the opponent cannot reject the battle. But if those higher ranked ones wishes to challenge those lower ranked ones, then the latter can reject the battle! Moreover, the bet is ten times of the original amount!”

Huang Yueli’s eyes shone and cried out in surprise, “Eh? There’s such a good thing! In that case, if I were to bet ten star currency, then the person who sends me the battle invitation would have to bet one hundred star currency! Then if I were to win, one hundred star currency would belong to me! Wow, this star currency is so easy to earn?”

Su Qingyue had thought her earlier words had frightened Huang Yueli but who knew she would be excited to such a state!

Su Qingyue was dumbfounded and after a moment, she responded, “I saw, Younger Sister Li, did you hear what I said earlier? The potential between new and old students…. is not comparable!”

Huang Yueli laughed, “That may not be necessary. Whether it’s comparable or not, we still will have to see one’s potential! Quickly tell me, is it possible that when they invite me for each battle, I will be able to bet at least one hundred star currency?”

“Right, that’s correct but…..”

Huang Yueli cried out a “Wow” and continued, “That’s great. Senior Sister Manager, I’ll accept this battle invitation! Can you help me to check when will the battle held?”

“Younger Sister Li, y..y…you’re so muddle headed!” Su Qingyue almost jumped up, “I already told you that no new student had ever won the old ones! Y… You actually accepted the battle so easily!”