Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 783

Chapter 783 Star Currency Is So Easy To Earn 3

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Even the Senior Sister was shocked as she speechlessly shook her head.

“Junior Sister Bai, don’t be so rash! Junior Sister Su is right, those older students have mastered their cultivation methods and Profound Skills after so long at Celestial Light Academy and it’s not at a level that you new students could imagine! Although you are ranked first among the new students and is already at third stage realm but Celestial Light Academy had plentiful of third stage realm practitioners. The top ten core students are mostly fourth stage realm practitioners! You’re not comparable to them in any way….”

Huang Yueli smiled, “Senior Sister, I appreciate your kind heartedness. But those top ten core students all want their face so why would they come challenge a new student like me? Don’t know, I know my baseline.”

In actual fact, even if it was the top ten core students, she wasn’t afraid at all.

When she was in second stage realm, she had easily defeated the fourth stage realm Imperial Tutor.

Now that she had successfully advanced to third stage realm, those practitioner below fourth stage realm nine level were definitely not her opponent.

But in order not to scare the Manager Senior Sister, she had to be conservative.

Despite Manager Senior Sister and Su Qingyue’s repetitive persuasions, they were not able to change her mind so they helplessly watched her accept the battle invitation.

“This… you don’t even want to take a look and just accepted it?”

“What’s the point…..”

Seeing Su Qingyue’s disapproving expression, Huang Yueli opened the battle invitation.

“Ye Mingshuang, third stage realm second level, core student, Martial Arts Stage ranking: Sixty Nine…. There’s not much content on this battle invitation…..”

Huang Yueli didn’t think much of it as she read on, seeing that Su Qingyue’s face had already turned petrified.

“Elder Sister Su, what happened to you?”

Su Qingyue was already showing an expression which looked like she was about to cry.

“Even Ye Mingshuang came to challenge you and y…y…you…..actually accepted the battle invitation! Do you know the concept of what rank sixty nine in the Martial Arts Stage was? For an ordinary third stage second level practitioner to rank top hundred was already a difficult feat, moreover she’s ranked in top seventy!”

“She’s just in the top seventies, Elder Sister Su, you’re too anxious. No need to worry. It’s seven days to the battle and by then, just come to the Martial Arts Stage and watch me, that will do.”

Huang Yueli smiled indifferently.

“You~~~~~! Ai!” Su Qingyue wasn’t able to convince her so she became even more anxious!

But newbies who had just enrolled into Celestial Light Academy were always that blindly confident and right after they’ve eaten a major disadvantage then would the fact sink in.

After she had been utterly defeated during the battle, she believed that Huang Yueli would then quieten down.

The news that Huang Yueli had accepted Ye Mingshuang’s battle was soon widely spreaded in Celestial Light Academy.

It was a closely watched yearly affair whenever battle invitations were sent out to the new students.

No one would ever doubt that the older students would not win.

But some new students were more prudent and were not willing to accept the battle invitation so they were not able to gain any advantages.

Now that Huang Yueli had proactively accepted Ye Mingshuang’s battle invitation, it meant that this year’s number one student…. Indeed had some potential but was simple minded and rash…. In other words, there were advantages to be gained!

For a moment, the news made many students’ hearts stir.

On the same afternoon, Huang Yueli received her second battle invitation.

“Hu Jingyao, third stage realm third level, core student. Martial Arts Stage ranking: Sixty four! Yi, your cultivation is much higher than that Ye something and your ranking seems to be slightly higher.”

Huang Yueli held the battle invitation in her hands as she commented lazily.