Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 785

Chapter 785 How Many More? Ill Accept It All 1

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Ye Mingshuang, Hu Jingyao and two more new battle invitations. There was a total of four.

Huang Yueli was waiting to receive even more battle invitations but surprisingly after she received these four invites, she no longer received any new battle invitations.

She was feeling strange when Su Qingyue came looking for her again.

Su Qingyue had an angry expression and as she entered the door, she furiously screamed, “Younger Sister Li, why can’t you take in advices and you actually accepted so many battle invitations! Don’t you know that you’ve been tricked by others!”

“Tricked? What do you mean?” Huang Yueli displayed a lost look.

Su Qingyue was utterly discomfited as she continued, “It’s all because of that what Li Xue’er! To think she she’s also from South Yue Kingdom like you! How can she trick you like that! I tell you, those top experts like Ye Mingshuang and Hu Jingyao are all reputable people in the academy so why would they suddenly challenge new students out of the blue? It’s all because of Li Xue’er’s instigation!”

Huang Yueli stared blankly momentarily but she started smiling at the next moment, “I really can’t tell that Li Xue’er in Celestial Light Academy… still had some sort of influence!”

Su Qingyue retorted, “Smile, smile smile, you can still smile! I heard that you and Li Xue’er had some feud in South Yue Kingdom! You ah…. Don’t you know she’s the beloved student of the great Armament Master, Master Tang and it’s rumoured that she already at the level of a first rank Armament Master! Do you know how many core students are rushing to get into her good books? Now that you’ve offended her, do you think you will have any good days to spend in the academy?”

Huang Yueli smiled as she shook her head and replied, “Only a first rank Armament Master. Why are all the current practitioners all so short sighted…..”

“You… Sigh, what do you know? For practitioners like us who come from small countries, we are already not looked upon by those students whose backgrounds are from the major families in Sky Cloud City. Now that you have obtained first place, the number of you who want to see you fall, and with Li Xue’er pushing the waves and adding to the billows, do you think you can easily pass this round?”

“By the day of the battle, losing star currency is a small matter. If you’re seriously injured, it will affect your future cultivation and you’d be in deep trouble! Such a pity you’re so rash and had already accepted the battle invitations, so even if you want to change your mind, it’s too late already!”

So Qingyue was really anxious as her eyes had turned red.

There were many practitioners who came from small countries in Celestial Light Academy and they had always been bullied. So they had silently formed their own group and Huang Yueli to them was one of their people.

Their small country team finally had a top new student with endless future and she really didn’t want to see that Huang Yueli had just joined the school and already beaten until she wasn’t able to raise her head up!

Huang Yueli didn’t know how to comfort her and could only show her the truth when that day was over.

She thought about it and said, “Alright Elder Sister Su, no matter what you say, I’ve already accepted the battle invitations. So even if you’re worried, there’s no point anymore! Right, I want to ask you something! Do you know why is it that after I’ve accepted four battle invitations, no one else continued to give me any invitations? Is there a regulation in school that each person could only accept four battle invitations?”

Su Qingyue rolled her eyes and said, “How could that be possible! There is no limit to how many battle invitations one can accept! But you only have a total of forty star currency and you have to bet ten star currency for each round. Now that you’re penniless, naturally no one would be able to send you any battle invitations!”

Saying that, she showed a relieved expression, “Luckily you had already spent sixty star currency on your first day. Otherwise if it were all spend here, you’d have made a huge loss!”