Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 786

Chapter 786 How Many More? Ill Accept It All 2

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Huang Yueli just understood the whole situation was because she was too poor…..

In such a short time, her star currency had been deducted to zero. Shortage of funding was a big problem. No wonder everyone said star currency was very important.

Just merely four rounds of battle for the opponent to bet ten times of the amount would only earn her four hundred star currency. It was a little too little!

Huang Yueli pouted her lips and thought for a moment before her eyes shone.

“Right, Elder Sister Su, do you have any star currency? Lend me some! After seven days, I’ll return you double the amount!”

Su Qingyue looked at her alertly, “You wish to borrow star currency?”

Huang Yueli nodded and replied, “That’s right. If you’re worried that I won’t return it, I can write an IOU and we can leave a record with the academy’s teachers so I won’t be able to deny it after.”

Su Qingyue replied, “I’m not worried about you not returning but…. at this moment, why do you need to borrow star currency for?”

Huang Yueli replied, “About this… I was thinking if I had more star currency on hand, doesn’t it mean that I can accept more battles?”

Su Qingyue had originally made a wild guess secretly but when she heard Huang Yueli say it out, it still felt like a lightning bolt striking her from the top, burning her to a crisp.

She had never seen anyone who looked for death so earnestly! Borrowing money to battle! Did she felt that she hadn’t lost badly enough yet? Felt that losing her entire fortune wasn’t enough and was prepared to live with a life filled with debts?

“No way, impossible! I will never ever lend you this money!”

Su Qingyue hissed out the words and stomped away in rage.

Huang Yueli was stunned, not expecting that she had so little confidence in her!

But it was understandable. In Su Qingyue’s eyes, she was that trash Bai Ruoli several years ago. For trash to be able to cultivate and become first place among the new students was already a marvel.

How was it possible that she would be the first one in several decades to win the battle against the older students?

This was not a marvel but a miracle!

“Sigh, I originally intended to help you and share the riches but I didn’t expect you to not reciprocate…..”

Huang Yueli shook her head as she heaved a sigh of relief.

But she knew where the problem laid so there was a way to solve it.

Huang Yueli quickly set up a booth in the academy and openly asked for a loan from the entire academy’s teachers and students!

Her loan rules were very simple, borrow one hundred star currency to be returned seven days later. By then, it would be calculated according to a fifty percent interest which was to say, the owner would get one hundred and fifty star currency!

The interest rate was much higher than loan sharks!

The entire academy was rocked by this news instantly.

Top new student openly borrowing money in the academy! Moreover, to using such a method to loan money and such a high interest rate!

Who would use such a method to loan money and to give such a high interest rate, could it be a scam?

However, there were some gutsy people who went ahead and tried. They found that Huang Yueli was very clear cut when she dealt with the matter and when she was loaning the money, she had gave our several IOUs which had been recorded by the academy. With the academy’s teachers as a guarantor, it would ensure nothing was lost!

Even if she wasn’t able to return, the academy would pay for her first.

With this, the amount of people who heard about this increased and very quickly, Huang Yueli had consolidated one thousand star currency!

In actual fact, she really wanted to borrow a bit more but the academy’s side was rather restrictive and was only willing to guarantee her for a maximum of one thousand star currency.

This matter was even approved because of Principal Jiang’s accord. Otherwise if a new student wanted to earn a thousand star currency, one would need at least two years and the academy was worried that she was not able to pay back.