Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 787

Chapter 787 How Many More? Ill Accept It All 3

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Huang Yueli’s borrowing without restraint caused the crowd to raise suspicions.

As a new student, why did she need so much star currency for?

Li Xue’er had intentionally walked one round at her booth and took out one hundred star currency.

“Don’t you want to borrow money? I’ll loan it to you! But I advise you not to do any last minute struggles. As a new student and you’re loaning one thousand star currency, even if you exchanged for a huge amount of cultivation methods or Profound Armaments, so what? Don’t tell me you are able to learn it all within seven days? Since you’re going to lose, why bother to borrow so much money? So pitiful, your future in Celestial Light Academy would only result in taking up dangerous jobs such as medicine testing to repay your loan…..”

Li Xue’er displayed a bemoaning the state of universe and pitying the fate of mankind expression as she spoke earnestly.

She attracted surrounding people who exclaimed that Li Xue’er was so kind.

Huang Yueli didn’t accept her star currency as her lips curled upwards and said, “I’m so sorry, you’re too late. My one thousand star currency had been filled and now I’m not able to give out anymore IOUs! Moreover, you seem to have mistaken something. I’m loaning star currency not because I’m intending to exchange cultivation methods.”

“Not exchanging for cultivation methods? Then what do you intend to do? Don’t tell me you’re intending to go to the mountain top’s closed door cultivation rooms to cultivate? That wouldn’t require one thousand star currency as well!”

Huang Yueli didn’t reply her question. She stood up and turned towards the surrounding crowd.

“Everyone, I know many of them will like to challenge me. But previously as my star currency had been used up, so a lot of you were not able to send me battle invitations. Now that I have star currency, so…..”

She paused momentarily as an invisible smile hung upon her lips.

“So now everyone take the chance to send me your invites. No matter how many there are…. I’ll accept it all!”

Her tone was sweet and when they heard it, it seemed a little soft but at the moment the words were out, it felt like lightning had struck the ground, causing many of them to lose their senses.

“Yo… You are borrowing money just because you want to continue accepting battle invitations??” Li Xue’er’s eyes turned wide.

“Insane, Bai Ruoli is definitely insane!”

“Heavens, she really don’t want to live any longer. Is she thinking that she hasn’t paid enough??”

Among the bustling discussions, Huang Yueli indifferently added, “But for those who are sending your battle invitations now, I will only bet at least one hundred star currency. That is to say, those who intend to challenge me will at least need to bet one thousand star currency.”

Li Xue’er sneered when she heard what was said, “So that was what you were planning! You thought that once the bets had been raised to one thousand star currency, no one would dare to send their battle invitations? He he, those core students who have been in the academy for more than two years all have one thousand star currency! Just you wait!”

Huang Yueli innocently shrugged, “Don’t be mistaken. I only feel that it’s too tiring to go battle after battle. Think about it, ten coins one round, one thousand coins means I need to accept one hundred battles. It’s very tiring ok? I merely wanted to save some time.”

“Just you continue to pretend. Seven days later, I’m gonna watch how you cry!” Li Xue’er sneered as she walked away.

Due to the restriction of one thousand star currency, the amount of people who sent Huang Yueli battle invitations had decreased by quite a lot.

But those who had been coveting the fortune in her hands were still many and eventually she managed to receive all ten battle invitations.

What’s more, among the owners of the ten invitations, they were all reputable experts in Celestial Light Academy, and were ranked top thirty in the Martial Arts Stage.


Seven days later.

On the day of the battle before dawn, the Martial Arts Stage was filled with people. Almost all of the students had received news and flocked over!

Although a new student accepting an old students challenge was seen yearly, but for it to make such a huge commotion was totally unheard of!