Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 788

Chapter 788 How Many More? Ill Accept It All 4

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Everyone wanted to witness the few battles with their own eyes.

Since Huang Yueli talked big and used so much star currency to bet, did she really have that overbearing power, or could it be that…. her brain wasn’t working well, thinking that she had merely gotten a first place in among the new students and thought she was really unequalled?

Regarding this question, it was something that everyone wanted to find out.

Besides that, someone had specially took in bets to see how many battles Huang Yueli could win.

But the majority betted that Huang Yueli would not be able to win even one single round. It was rumoured that the statistics which betted her total loss had reached one hundred to one.

Before the battle, Su Qingyue knew that there was no going back and specially came to encourage her.

“A few students and myself who are from the small countries had all bet a hundred lower grade spirit stones that you could at least win one round. Y.. You have to buck up! All of us believe in you!”

When Huang Yueli heard this “encouragement”, she almost spat out blood.

Just win one round… was considered as believing in her. Do they need to look down on her that much?

She took out the twenty thousand medium grade spirit stones that she had won dueling the entrance examinations and passed it to Su Qingyue.

“Elder Sister Su, I need your help to go and help me bet that I will win all rounds! If you have any spare cash, go ahead and buy my total win, the rate is one hundred to one! Just betting one hundred will win you one thousand. Nothing is as easy to earn as this. Too bad this self-organized betting booth by the students cannot bet star currency and only spirit stones, otherwise…. I will have struck it rich!”

Huang Yueli’s eyes shone with brilliance.

She had never thought that just one battle could earn her that much and placing a bet would earn her another huge fortune. Twenty thousand medium grade spirit stones would turn into two hundred thousand after today!

Su Qingyue almost fainted, “Y…. You are really not afraid of losing all your fortune! Owing so much money, even if we sell you, it’s not enough!”

Huang Yueli was speechless as she shook her head, “Elder Sister Su, don’t worry. Do I look like an idiot to you? If it wasn’t that I am one hundred percent certain, I wouldn’t have agreed to so many battles or even borrow star currency! Can you have some confidence in me?”

Su Qingyue stared at her for half a day before she nodded.

“Alright Younger Sister Li, I know you have your own ideas! Since you can become a third stage realm practitioner from trash, perhaps you have some killer stint which I don’t know about! We will go ahead and bet on your total win! If you can really win all the bets, in future, we will follow you around!”

Huang Yueli’s eyes shone.

She had long despised the servants whose innate talents were simply not enough in South Yue Kingdom as she couldn’t use them in much areas.

If she was able to take in Su Qingyue’s team of students, that would be an unexpected surprise.

After all, they were at least fourth grade upper talents and above and to be able to enter Celestial Light Academy, they weren’t any common in any way! It was only because they were in unison, crowded out by those large families disciples so they were merely not able to obtain more resources.

But under proper guidance, their potential would surely take a huge leap.

Thinking of this, her lips curled upwards as she smiled mysteriously.

“Alright, just wait and see!”

On the day of the battle, Huang Yueli had been the same as always, waking up on time, finishing her breakfast before preparing to leave the room.

“Knock knock knock!”

A knocking sound was heard as Su Qingyue pushed opened the door. Upon seeing her, her eyeballs grew wide.

“Younger Sister Li, w… why are you still here! What time is it already!”

Huang Yueli replied, “Isn’t it still very early? It’s just a quarter to seven. My first battle is at seven o’clock. If I were to leave now, I should still be able to arrive on time.”