Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 790

Chapter 790 Young Sect Master Arrives 2

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When Ling Wenbin heard that, he felt that he had acted impudently and lowered his head.

But after a while, the person whom they had been waiting for had not appeared so he became flustered again.

“Principal Jiang, do you know…. why Young Set Master would come to Celestial Light Academy at this timing? Our Sect had just ended the tournament with those few Sects from West Sky Region and he’s headed to our side now? Is it because we have done something wrong?”

It was no wonder that Vice Principal Ling would think in this way.

Celestial Light Sect’s people were all of high standing and even when Jiang Tuxin was in the Sect, he was merely an elder, and one of the weaker powers. Whereas in Celestial Light Academy, he was something whom no one dared to oppose.

A person like Young Sect Master would normally not come to Celestial Light Academy.

Unless…. Something major had happened…..

Jiang Tuxin frowned, “When I met Sect Master last month, he commentated me saying that Celestial Light Academy was well managed. The disciples that we had picked recently had shown good performance so it shouldn’t be…..”

Regarding this, Jiang Tuxin was totally baffled.

“But Young Sect Master he…..”

Just as the both of them were conversing, a stroke of lightning flashed past the sky and immediately following that, a powerful Profound Energy came sweeping from the direction of the school’s main entrance. The few sixth stage realm practitioners who were nearer to the entrance were not able to maintain their standing and almost fell due to this gush of Profound Energy.

But Jiang Tuxin’s eyes shone.

“Young Sect Master is here!”

A flying ship slowly descended from the sky and a few figures were seen.

The man leading was a young man with an extremely handsome face. His features were delicate resembling a perfect sculpture with dark black eyes like ink, sharp but indifferent and the imposing manner which he gave out was strong but cold. No one dared to look at him in the eye.

If Huang Yueli were here, she would have a shock of her life.

Because this man…. was indeed Li Moying!

Jiang Tuxin hastily walked out to welcome him, “Young Sect Master, you’re finally here! I have been waiting for you for ages!”

The higher management behind Jiang Yuxin followed closely.

“Our respect to Young Sect Master!”

Li Moying glanced at them icily and after some time, he nodded his head and said, “Dispense with formalities!”

Jiang Tuxin and Ling Wenbin crowded over and said affectionally, “Young Sect Master graces Celestial Light Academy with your presence, your presence brings light to our humble dwelling! Young Sect Master, do you want to go to our teahouse to take a short rest and after that I’ll bring you around to tour the academy….”

“There’s no need. I still have some things to do….” Li Moying replied unconcernedly.

“Yes, yes. If Young Sect Master needs us to do anything, just let us know!”

Jiang Tuxin and Ling Wenbin looked at his unfathomable handsome face as they held a terrified expression.

Before Li Moying’s arrival, they had only heard of this Young Sect Master’s reputation and knew that he was the number one talent in Celestial Light Sect’s history, perhaps he was even able to challenge Mu Chengying’s number one place. So the entire Sect held him in high respects not daring to make him unhappy one bit.

But Li Moying had always been in closed door cultivation or out learning through experience and the two Principals seldom returned to the Sect so they had never seen him before.

From the two principals’ imagination, this legendary Young Sect Master had enjoyed success since young and most of his time was spent on cultivating. Moreover he was so young so his personally was likely arrogant and inexperienced, not knowing the ways of the way so he was still tender in some ways.

But upon meeting him today, they discovered that… their guesses were wrong to the extreme!