Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 792

Chapter 792 Young Sect Master Arrives 4

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Mo Yi observed his expression and having immediately understood what his Master was thinking about, he inquired immediately, “Since that the case, this new student must definitely be very powerful before she dares to do such a thing! What’s her background?”

Jiang Tuxin quickly showed off his accomplishments.

“This young lady is called Bai Ruoli and she comes from a small country called South Yue Kingdom from South Sky Region’s border! Her background isn’t very ordinary. Her father is Bai Liu Feng and he was the strongest core student in Celestial Light Academy’s history! Even our old Sect Master had personally came over to Sky Cloud City and tried to take him in as a direct disciple! If her father had joined Celestial Light Sect that year, then he would be Sect Master Murong’s junior brother and she would be the same generation as Young Sect Master. A pity that…..”

Jiang Tuxin spoke frankly with assurance, couldn’t wait to repeat the entire story of Bai Liu Feng during those years.

It was an incredible achievement for Celestial Light Academy to have been able to nurture one Bai Liu Feng.

But before he could complete his story, Li Moying had cut into his conversation.

“Where is the Martial Arts Stage? Bring me over there!”

Jiang Yueli went into a blank, “Ah?”

He had introduced Bai Liu Feng and his daughter’s story so as to give himself credit and had never expected that Li Moying would want to go and see some battle.

After all, no matter how exciting the battle was, wasn’t it just between some third stage realm practitioners? With Li Moying’s potential and status, how was it possible that he would have any interest in such a childish and low levelled battle?

Li Moying’s brows raised as he gazed towards him impatiently.

Jiang Tuxin’s heart thumped as he hurriedly responded, “Yes, yes, I’ll lead the way now. Young Sect Master, please follow me this way!”


Martial Arts Stage.

Huang Yueli used a tremendous strength before she was able to squeeze herself through the crowd.

Initially she didn’t want to hurt the innocent crowd but until the last moment, she had no choice but to use her Profound Energy to separate the crowd apart to make a path through.

By the time she arrived, the Martial Arts Stage entrance’s hourglass had pointed exactly at seven o’clock.

Under such a tight situation, Li Xue’er was actually able to sit in the very first row, which was the golden seat nearest to the tournament grounds.

It was obvious to see how high the position of an Armament Master was in Celestial Light Academy!

Upon seeing Huang Yueli, Li Xue’er immediately laughed out.

“Our new stop student has finally arrived, why did you drag until so late? Could it be that you finally understood how big of a mistake you’d committed and didn’t dare to come because you’re afraid? Too bad… it’s too late! Even if you regret it now, your star currency isn’t going to come back! But if you directly admit your loss now, at least you won’t be hurt and can go back in one piece! Just that your reputation…. Will definitely be thrown away!”

Huang Yueli threw one glance at her at her lips curled up slightly.

“I’m afraid I will have to disappoint you. Not only will I not lose, what’s more, I will win all the battles! I heard that you had set up several bets that my chances of winning is equal to none. So I’m going to bet twenty thousand medium quality spirit stones that I will win all my matches. I hope by then you’d be able to pay back…..”

A betting rate of one to one hundred was equal to two hundred thousand pieces of medium quality spirit stones.

If she were to include the amount that Su Qingyue and gang had added.

It was thinkable that Li Xue’er would pay dearly today.

However, she didn’t realised it and when she heard what Huang Yueli said, she laughed until she could stand up straight.

“I’ve seen people heading for death but never seen someone to go on a speed bullet train like you! Still talking big before you meet your death! And you’re actually giving me twenty thousand medium quality spirit stones! Really laugh die me.”

She turned back and said, “Sister Mingshuang, since she’s in a hurry to look for death, then you’d better quickly head down and grant her wish!”