Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 793

Chapter 793 You Said It Three Strikes 1

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“Alright, I’ll go and meet her! I want to see just how strong is the new top student!”

Laughter was heard and the young lady stood up behind Li Xue’er was Ye Mingshuang.

She looked around seventeen to eighteen years of age and wasn’t particularly pretty but she had an arrogant look, which obviously displayed her confidence in her own ability.

Huang Yueli didn’t say anything as she turned around directly and walked towards the centre of the Martial Arts Stage battlegrounds.

The crowd were completely boiling with excitement.

“It’s starting soon! It’s starting!”

“Finally the battle is going to start. I must open my eyes wide and look carefully! I had bet so many spirit stones! I bet this new top student would at least win one round!”

“Why didn’t you bet that she would lose all rounds?”

“Because the odds of losing all rounds is simply too low which is equivalent to not earning anything at all! I really hope she will buck up but if she really didn’t win a single round, then she would be the number one biggest joker among the new students of Celestial Light Academy’s history!”

The two of them stood face to face against each other.

Ye Mingshuang drew out a long sword from her back and touched it in a loving manner. After that she looked towards Huang Yueli and spoke arrogantly.

“To be honest, when I just entered Celestial Light Academy, I had also thought that my ability was much higher than the senior students but… reality had taught me what is to know your own limits! Today I’ll be the one to teach you this lesson! I’ll let you strike three times first!”

Huang Yueli gave out a “pfffft” as she laughed and said, “I think you haven’t learnt your lesson at all!”

“What?” Ye Mingshuang was stunned.

Huang Yueli had already kept her smiles, “Stop all the talking, you’re really going to let me strike three times?”

Ye Mingshuang arrogantly raised her chin as she replied, “Nonsense, if you’re able to even touch a corner of my clothes within these three strikes, I will kneel down and kowtow to you!”

Huang Yueli raised her brows, “You agreed on this ok….”

Ye Mingshuang sneered, “You really think you can hurt me?”

Huang Yueli noncommittally smiled as she waved her right hand and drew a circle in the air. The surrounding fire attributed Profound Energy immediately gathered within her hand and grew into a blazing fire ring.

Ye Mingshuang saw that Huang Yueli didn’t even drew out her weapon as she sneered coldly, “Who do you think you are? You think you can hurt me when you don’t even bring out your Profound Weapon? Hehe…. AH~~~~!!”

Her laughter halted suddenly!

Huang Yueli’s pointed her right hand towards the front and a strong burst of fire attributed Profound Energy sprayed out following her fair slender fingers!

A fire dragon tore out from the empty space and with striking rays, it shot out towards Ye Mingshuang’s chest.

Ye Mingshuang didn’t expect Huang Yueli to have such terrifying and intense power the moment she struck!

The intensity of the fire dragon was so strong that it exceeded her expectations and her instinct was to retreat.

But she seemed to be fixed to the ground rendering her immovable.

A huge “Boom” sound reverberated and Ye Mingshuang was struck on the chest and her dantian was almost scattered as she was flew out and crashed onto the stage boundary’s array and bounced back onto the battleground stage once again.

These two strikes had made her entire body’s bones fell apart as she laid limply onto the ground, totally unable to stand up.

Everything happened too quickly.

All the students were stunned by this as their mouths opened wide, staring blankly towards the direction of the stage.

At that moment, no one was able to react.

It was until Ye Mingshuang was unable to get up when the crowd started to cry out in shock.

“Heavens! What happened earlier? W… What’s wrong with my eyes? That new top student had…. Had actually beaten Ye Mingshuang to this state in just one strike??”