Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 794

Chapter 794 You Said It Three Strikes 2

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“That’s right, how is that possible? I must be seeing things wrongly! Ye Mingshuang is ranked sixty nine among the core students, how is it possible for her to lose to a new student!”

“Correct, but this…. Ye Mingshuang had lost quite quickly right? I haven’t even seen clearly what had happened and she…. lost??”

“Could it be that the new student used some sinister move and schemed against Ye Mingshuang?”

The crowd were discussing in low volumes.

The gazes towards Huang Yueli were filled with shock, astonishment and horror…..

Only one tenth of the students in Celestial Light Academy were core students. And all five hundred plus core students were the elite among the elite and all of them were held in high regards. Ye Mingshuang was ranked sixty nine so that already clearly explained her ability!

Among the ordinary students present, she was already a strong presence whom most had no way to win against!

Who knew, this newcomer had only used one move!

In between this one move, Ye Mingshuang had already been defeated!

Even though most people had already guessed that Huang Yueli’s power was extraordinary, to dare to accept so many battle invitations, she definitely had the ability but no one had expected that she was actually so strong to this extend!

In front of her, Ye Mingshuang was akin a defenceless ordinary person, not even able to take one strike!

Because of the array’s separation, all the students only felt astonished but were not able to feel the actual situation on the stage.

Whereas Ye Mingshuang who was on the stage not only felt astonishment or surprised, and…. a deep sense of terror!

Earlier during that instant when the fire dragon flew into the sky, the entire stage was vibrating with a strong and overbearing fire attributed Profound Energy. That overwhelming advantage made her feel that she was up against a fourth or even fifth stage realm top exponent!

But the new student in front of her had merely just advanced into third stage realm and wasn’t her cultivation lower than hers?

Huang Yueli walked over slowly towards her.

Ye Mingshuang heard her footsteps and used her hands to hold up her body, at least standing up would not make her seem overly pathetic.

But the moment she tried to hold herself up, she felt a wave of intense pain coming over her entire body!

All the bones in her body had apparently been injured in the two knocks earlier. Several bones were broken and her arms especially, felt sore and painful, completely unable to use any strength.

Huang Yueli walked towards Ye Mingshuang till she was just two steps away before she stopped.

From Ye Mingshuang’s line of vision, she was able to see that Huang Yueli was wearing an exquisite deerskin embroidered ankle boots.

Her gaze followed from the boots upwards but because she was not able to raise her head, no matter how she tried, she could only stop at Huang Yueli’s knee and not see her face at all.

Huang Yueli’s voice was heard coming from the top of Ye Mingshuang’s head.

“Senior Sister Ye, didn’t you say I wasn’t able to hurt you within three moves? How about now? I remember Senior Sister Ye saying that I don’t know my own limits and you will teach me this lesson. So now… who taught who the lesson?”

Ye Mingshuang’s face flushed a bright shade of red, recalling the bold words that she had said just a few moments ago. Thinking back now, it seemed like a thorough joke.

Huang Yueli had thrown all the words she had said right back at her. This was akin to slapping her right on her face!

Even though Huang Yueli didn’t lift a finger to slap her at all, she could thoroughly feel that her reputation had all been thrown away and it was swollen until she was not able to face anyone anymore!