Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 795

Chapter 795 You Said It Three Strikes 3

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Ye Mingshuang was feeling both embarrassed and furious but unfortunately she had to stay in the position as she wasn’t able to stand up and could only prostrate onto the ground right before Huang Yueli’s feet.

She had never for a moment been so humiliated in her entire life!

She lowered her head as she couldn’t help but wish for a hole to appear right before her so that she could hide into it! She could totally imagine that after today, she would become one of the laughing stock in the entire Celestial Light Academy!

At this very moment, Ye Mingshuang had regretted her decision to listen to Li Xue’er’s incitation to help her teach this new student a lesson? She didn’t even need this amount of star currency.

Moreover, thinking back, she was obviously tricked by Li Xue’er!

This new student was from the same kingdom as Li Xue’er and would Li Xue’er not know her true ability? Yet she didn’t tell her beforehand! Isn’t this an obvious scheme?

Ye Mingshuang had started to grown a deep hatred for Li Xue’er.

Actually, the person she should hate more is Huang Yueli! It was human nature to bully the weak and fear the strong. When she realised the power between them was so huge, she knew that she would never be able to defeat Huang Yueli, so…. this debt could only be placed onto Li Xue’er!

Ye Mingshuang didn’t say a single word and treated herself like a dead person, not making a single move as she laid on the ground, hoping that when Huang Yueli had won, she would leave on her own accord.

But who knew that when Huang Yueli saw her not moving, she said, “Senior Sister Ye, you said it earlier, you’ll let me take three strikes and now… there’s two more strikes!”

When Ye Mingshuang heard these, her heart thumped hoping that she had heard wrongly!

At this moment, she had forgotten about the pain on her body as she raised her head and started at Huang Yueli!

“W….W….What do you intend to do??”

Huang Yueli used her especially innocent look as she blinked her eyes and replied, “I didn’t intend to do anything? But you said it yourself earlier that you’ll let me make three strikes, why? Are you not intending to keep your word?”


Ye Mingshuang was on the verge of throwing up blood!

This…. she had indeed said such things earlier!

But the situation now and earlier had changed completely! Earlier she thought she had an advantage so she said that. But now that she had been defeated and to be defeated in such a humiliating way, not in the least bit apprehensive, Huang Yueli was still biting onto the statement that she had made earlier??

Even the academy’s teacher on the tournament stage who was responsible to be the referee frowned slightly, “Miss Bai, Miss Ye has already been defeated and the outcome of the battle is now clear that you’re the victor so let’s just stop wasting any more time on her?”

Huang Yueli replied, “Have I won? But Senior Sister Ye didn’t admit her defeat? I’ve read through the Martial Arts Stage battle rules and as long as no one admits defeat, then silence will mean the competition will continue, isn’t it?”

When Ye Mingshuang heard that, she hastily cried out, “I admit…..”

But before she could say the word “defeat”, Huang Yueli had already made a move!

Fire attributed Profound Energy instantly exploded as it caused Ye Mingshuang’s body to jerk up into the sky again!

“Second strike!” Huang Yueli lightly called out.

Ye Mingshuang was thrown high up into the air and her body faced upwards as her head banged against the boundary of the array! And once again she was rebounded onto the ground!

When Huang Yueli saw this, her eyebrows creased slightly as she mumbled, “What’s the situation? This array is rather steady!”

At this moment, Ye Mingshuang was descending once again and it seemed that she was about to crash onto the ground.

Huang Yueli hurriedly struck out against the back of her waist!

“Third strike!”