Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 796

Chapter 796 You Said It Three Strikes 4

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Ye Mingshuang was totally unable to retaliate against her and she didn’t even had a single bit of reaction time as she was struck realistically by that third strike!

Her body flew horizontally outwards towards the corner of the tournament stage and crashed heavily!


Following an intense sound accompanied with some tremors, the boundary of the array beside the stage gave out a wave of blue rays and subsequently lost its effect.

Celestial Light Academy’s Martial Arts Stage had used this sturdy isolation array for years… and….. it had actually been broken to smithereens on the spot!

Ye Mingshuang’s body flew outwards of the area of the tournament stage and flew towards the spectators seating area!

Finally, she crashed heavily onto the first row of the spectators platform and coincidentally, she had crashed right into Li Xue’er!

Li Xue’er was stunned from watching the unforeseen events on the tournament stage and hadn’t expect that even though she was isolated from a powerful fourth tier array, such a huge misfortune would come crashing onto her!

No one knew if it was so coincidental that when the both of them had knocked against each other, they happened to be facing one another and as their foreheads knocked against one another with a “Bam”, they had broken each other’s head and blood started to flow immediately.

Ye Mingshuang’s body had several meridians broken and many bones broken so when she crashed onto Li Xue’er, she could no longer take it as she sprayed out a mouthful of blackish blood, spraying it right onto Li Xue’er face!

Thereafter, she rolled her eyes and fainted completely!

As for Li Xue’er, although there wasn’t any obvious injuries, but to be knocked onto the head with such a severe crash was also a hard strike and for a moment, she felt dizzy as she almost fell onto the ground.

She had managed to stabilise herself with great difficulty and before words could come out from her opened mouth, the blackish blood was sprayed from Ye Mingshuang into her mouth. That feeling was extremely disgusting and it had smoked Li Xue’er so much that she fainted. After regaining consciousness, she squatted on one side and started to throw up!

All the students present were completely stunned by Huang Yueli’s lightning fast strategy!

No one had expected that Huang Yueli would be so vicious. Ye Mingshuang was obviously unable to win in that condition but she had not shown any mercy and continued to strike!

Moreover, the more terrifying thing was that she actually broke the array on the tournament stage!

This was simply unbelievable, s..s..she…. what exactly was her cultivation level??


At this moment, Jiang Tuxin and Ling Wenbin had led Li Moying into the Martial Arts Stage from the rear door.

The academy’s teachers would sometimes head over and take a look at the battles but they didn’t mingle with the students but had an eagle’s eye view seating, isolated from the students’ spectator platform.

Otherwise if the Principal and Vice Principal were to show their presence, it would have already caused a stir and the tournament would be prematurely terminated.

When they just stepped in, they had coincidentally saw the move where Huang Yueli had broken through the array and were so shocked that their jaws fell onto the ground.

“W.. What situation is this? She actually managed to break through the isolation array on the tournament stage?? What on earth is her cultivation level??”

Jiang Tuxin nervously glanced at Li Moying who had not said a word or made any movement, his gaze stopped onto the tournament stage when he entered and showed an expression which seemed to be lost in thought.

Jiang Tuxin felt even more apprehensive as he berated his subordinates in a doleful expression.

“Get Master Hu who is in charge of maintaining the array here! What situation is this! I’ve said many times that the academy’s arrays are very important and it must be maintained carefully! How can such an accident happen?”