Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 797

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Ling Wenbin was not able to figure out what had happened as he was dumbfounded by Huang Yueli’s shocking potential.

But the moment he heard what Jiang Tuxin said, he finally realised what had happened.

That’s right, Huang Yueli had advanced into third stage realm in the entrance examinations that day and he had witnessed it personally. How could a third stage realm practitioner possibly break through that array? Celestial Light Academy’s arrays were able to resist against the attacks of a fifth stage realm practitioner!

It seemed like the array had not been properly maintained and was worn down by years of non-repair as it started to malfunction…..

When Li Moying heard what they said, he turned his eyes away and casted a glance at Jiang Tuxin. He couldn’t help but snickered as he felt it was rather funny.

The methods that his little fox had used was so masterfully done that even a eight stage realm practitioner like Jiang Tuxin was not able to see through it. She’s really worthy of being his woman!

Mo Yi kept a listening ear by the side and couldn’t take it much longer. He was mainly shedding sympathy tears for that innocent Array Master, Master Hu.

He was very clear that Huang Yueli’s accomplishments on arrays was very high and this fourth tier array right before their eyes were obviously not able to stop her. It was highly possible that Huang Yueli had seen through the flaw of this array and directly found the weakest point in the array. With her exceeding potential which surpassed any ordinary third stage realm practitioner and her accomplishment in array formations, she was able to pierce through it at one go!

Jiang Tuxin was still attempting to explain to Li Moying, “Young Sect Master, our academy’s management is not usually so messy so this really is just an accident! An accident! Usually we had kept the array well maintained and it’s a wonder why it malfunctioned today.”

Seeing Principal Jiang’s sincere attitude, Mo Yi could only reply on behalf of Li Moying, “Principal Jiang, don’t be overly anxious. Your contributions towards Celestial Light Academy are all known to my Master! The array’s breakdown may not necessary be due to lack of maintenance. It may also be possible that the student on the stage might be too powerful! I’d never expected that this year’s top student to be so powerful! To be able to recruit such a talented practitioner, Principal Jiang’s contributions is really not small!”

In Principal Jiang’s heart, he simply didn’t believe that Huang Yueli was able to break down the array based on her own power.

But at this moment he could only acknowledge what Mo Yi was saying so as to shirk his responsibility.

“I don’t deserve your praise, this is all part of my job. Thank you Young Sect Master for your understanding!”

Mo Yi could tell that he didn’t believe it but didn’t bother to make any further explanations. Secretly in his heart, he gave Huang Yueli a thumbs up!

She’s really worthy of being their future Mistress. No matter where she went, she was able to cause a storm!


On the Martial Arts Stage.

The crowd present were discussing about how Huang Yueli had defeated Ye Mingshuang with just one strike.

But by the time she finished all her three strikes and broke through the array, the entire Martial Arts Stage had completely quietened down to the extent that a pin drop could be heard.

Everyone had been stunned by her shocking methods!

Most of them had not thought that the array had malfunctioned or how Huang Yueli was able to see through the flaw of the fourth tier array. All they felt was Yueli had overwhelming power, so strong that no one was comparable which was why she could achieve this effect!

In a moment, most of the people did not even dare to breath loudly.

Even the referee teacher was stunned, “You… You actually…..”

He originally wanted to severely berate Huang Yueli for hitting on a person when she was down and out but when he saw how the array had lost its effect right before his eyes, the berating words which about to come out was swallowed back as his attitude turned much gentler.

“This… Miss Bai, you’re too rash! Earlier Miss Ye had already intended to admit defeat!”