Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 799

Chapter 799 Next Contender 3

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Next contender!

These three words were powerful resonated throughout, the manner which it was said was as though a sledge hammer had slammed heavily onto everyone’s hearts!

Huang Yueli stood on the stage and maintained the same clothes and posture that she wore when she entered the stage earlier, even the tone when she spoke was gentle and sweet as usual.

However, in other people’s ears, the strength in her words was totally different now!

Because in the entire Continent, power…. determined a person’s position and identity!

Huang Yueli had already proven her own power and her existence…. was way above everyone present!

The ten over people who had sent their battle invitations to Huang Yueli were actually seated on the first row of the viewing platform. Before today, all of them wanted to see from the closest distance on how Huang Yueli had been defeated by them once and again, and the agony that she was in with all the regrets that she shouldn’t have done this in the first place!

But at this present moment, they couldn’t wait to vanish from the spot immediately!

Every single person tried their best to shrink their bodies in the hope that they would become smaller, just smaller by a bit. It would be best if Huang Yueli didn’t noticed them at all!

Most of the contenders’ power were not much different from Ye Mingshuang and some were not even her match!

Recalling how Huang Yueli had defeated Ye Mingshuang with that kind of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood kind of strength, they all felt that they would definitely be defeated. Moreover… they would lose particularly badly!

No one was willing to go on stage to battle!

But Huang Yueli wasn’t going to let them drag on endlessly.

She repeated her question indifferently, “Who is… the next contender? Please don’t waste everyone’s time and hurry up on stage! I had accepted fourteen battles today and if everyone were to drag my time, then what time will I be able to end all the battles? I still need to hurry and cultivate!”

No one dared to respond.

Huang Yueli was speechless and she could only turn towards the referee teacher and inquired, “Teacher, what do you think we should do? Don’t tell me that if they don’t take up the challenge, then I have to keep waiting here?”

The referee teacher replied, “If no one takes the initiative to come on stage, then we shall follow according to the battle invitations timing in order…..”

“Wait a moment, referee teacher, let me take up the challenge!”

Huang Yueli turned back to take a look. The person who spoke was a chubby youth who looked rather round. His facial features had a childish nature but judging from his breath, his potential wasn’t weak at all. He had yet to turn eighteen and had already reached third stage realm sixth level!

He was considered as a top talent outside Celestial Light Academy.

When the audience saw him, they started to get excited again.

“So it’s him! Zhu Jiucheng! He’s ranked twenty seventh in the Martial Arts Stage. Among the core students, his presence is extremely powerful! Moreover he’s not even eighteen yet. Before he turns twenty, he should be able to get into top ten of the core students ranking and by then he will be able to join Celestial Light Sect and officially become an outer disciple!”

“Zhu Jiucheng is one of the contenders who challenged Bai Ruoli and the strongest one! If anyone were to be able to defeat the new top student, it would be him! Now that he’s come on stage to challenge her, this competition should be stiff!”

“Stiff your head! Think about it, that new top student broke through the isolation array! No matter how powerful Zhu Jiucheng is, can he compete with her? He will definitely lose! He really is gutsy, hasn’t he seen what happened to Ye Mingshuang? He should just hurry up and admit his defeat!”