Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 800

Chapter 800 I Admit Defeat 1

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The crowds’ discussions naturally was heard by Huang Yueli.

She looked at Zhu Jiucheng and raised her brows, “Why? You want to challenge me? You gotta think carefully. When I strike, sometimes I cannot control my strength and if I injure you accidentally, then you have to be responsible for the consequences!”

Zhu Jiucheng squeezed a smile from his chubby face which seemed rather honest and sincere.

“Hehe, this.. Junior Sister Bai, don’t be mistaken. Actually I also know that my power isn’t comparable to yours and I will definitely lose in your hands. I also know that challenging a new student like this is not glamorous and if it wasn’t for the fact that I owe Junior Sister Li a personal favour, I won’t even dabble in such a matter. Right now I’ll admit defeat to you and my one thousand star currency will belong to you! I only wanted to spar with you to ask for advice so Junior Sister please bestow me your teaching!”

Huang Yueli was rather surprised but this Zhu Jiucheng seemed rather sincere as he automatically passed his battle invitation to the referee teacher and admitted defeat on the spot.

Her lips hooked upwards and she replied, “Since that’s the case, I’ll let you strike three times! Senior Brother Zhu, please show me your move!”

Hearing that, the crowd was thrown into chaos instantly!

In their eyes, Zhu Jiucheng was a legendary character in the academy and was an extremely powerful exponent!

However, he had admitted in front of Huang Yueli that he wasn’t her match and even automatically admitted defeat. That wasn’t just it. He even said he wanted to spar with her and ask for her to give him advice! Was there a need to lower his stance, after all no matter how powerful this lass was, she was just a new student! To Zhu Jiucheng, her experience was still very little and was a first year junior sister!

The more ridiculous person was Huang Yueli. Senior Brother Zhu had already been so courteous and when he spoke, he had lowered himself so much.

By right, as a junior sister, she should display a humble look!

The result was, she had indifferently accepted Zhu Jiucheng’s request and even prepared to “teach” him!

Let’s treat it as her power was indeed strong! But surely she wouldn’t think of becoming Zhu Jiucheng’s teacher right? She really treated other people’s politeness for real! Even saying to “let him strike three times!” Oh my, this was really…. really too arrogant!

However Zhu Jiucheng didn’t reveal a frivolous attitude. Instead he cautiously drew out his weapon which was a huge sledge hammer.

“Junior Sister, I’m going to strike. Watch carefully!”

Huang Yueli nodded as her favourable impression towards Zhu Jiucheng grew.

Frankly speaking, with her previous life’s ninth stage realm cultivation and scope, it was more than enough to teach Zhu Jiucheng and enough to sprout light smoke on his ancestors graves!

Were the teachings from a ninth stage realm practitioner that easily obtainable?

Moreover, Huang Yueli’s unique strength existed predominantly among the ninth stage realm practitioners!

When Zhu Jiucheng finished his sentence, both his arms raised up the huge sledge hammer and pounded towards Huang Yueli’s direction.

Just from the appearance of the sledge hammer, one could tell that it was a fourth tier Profound Armament. It weighted at least five thousand grams and only Zhu Jiucheng was able to move it around!

The minute he struck, the surroundings around the tournament stage started to bustle.

Zhu Jiucheng was an earth attributed practitioner and when he waved that huge sledge hammer, the actual weight of the Profound Armament and with earth attribute’s additional support, that strength…. Was really not something that an ordinary person could handle!

Huang Yueli had easily avoided his attacks and at the same time, observed how he struck.

Zhu Jiucheng had such good sight, wasn’t arrogant or flustered and could put himself down when necessary, he really was a rough diamond.

Huang Yueli had intended to use this chance to soothe him to her side.