Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 801

Chapter 801 I Admit Defeat 2

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Very soon, Zhu Jiucheng’s three moves were completed.

Huang Yueli avoided his third strike and immediately after she struck!

A strong Profound Energy swept out!



The minute Huang Yueli struck, the stage reverberated cries of alarm!

Everyone knew that Huang Yueli would definitely strike after the third move but no one had expected her to strike in such a way!

That slender fair little hand clenched into a fist and thrusted out frontwards towards the huge sledge hammer’s direction directly crashing into it!

Such a pretty weak hand crashing onto the huge sledge hammer made many people shut their eyes in shock!

What was this? Was Huang Yueli this mad?

Just basing on the intensity of strength, Zhu Jiucheng was one of the top among the core students and yet Huang Yueli had bare fistedly received Zhu Jiucheng’s sledge hammer. Wasn’t she looking for death? What if she hand was crushed, how horrifying would that be! After all it was such a pretty little hand!

After the cries of alarm, shortly afterwards was the sound of a huge “Pong”!

Many of them kept their eyes tightly shut and after a long moment, they opened their eyes worried that all they saw was a delicate young beauty being pounded to minced meat.

The result was…..

Everyone rubbed their eyes in shock as their eyes widened thinking that they had seen wrongly.

The person who flew out….. was not Huang Yueli but Zhu Jiucheng!

As there was no obstruction of the isolation array, Zhu Jiucheng had flew out directly off the stage and the huge sledge hammer in his hands also flew away. Luckily Huang Yueli intentionally showed mercy so Zhu Jiucheng wasn’t badly battered and didn’t suffer any serious injury. The surrounding students were only shocked and not hurt at all.

However, this was just too strange!

Huang Yueli had gone head on against Zhu Jiucheng and he was still holding on to a fourth tier Profound Armament. The result was… Zhu Jiucheng was the one who lost?

Could it be that that slender delicate little beauty… actually had that powerful strength?

The person who was most shocked was Zhu Jiucheng himself.

He stared blankly at Huang Yueli’s slender little hand and after he was sent flying, that hand didn’t even leave any red mark…..

“You… The Profound Skill that you used earlier was earth attributed…. But shouldn’t you be a fire attributed practitioner?”

Huang Yueli calmly smiled, “Fire attribute is indeed the main attribute which I am cultivating but I also have a bit of earth attribute innate talent and had learnt several earth attribute Profound Skills. It’s just so coincidental that you belong to the earth attribute, so I’ve embarrassed myself!”

Zhu Jiucheng had already thought of Huang Yueli as someone with a high standing but upon hearing what she said, he almost fainted.

This was called ‘a little’ earth attribute innate talent? He himself had a fifth grade upper earth attribute innate talent and since Huang Yueli was able to defeat him in one move, could she have a sixth grade earth attribute innate talent?

But she had said that her main cultivation was fire attribute…..

Then how strong was her fire attributed innate talent?

Zhu Jiucheng felt that he didn’t dare to even think about that!

This… how on heavens would there be this abnormal person with such outstanding innate talent even exist?!

Huang Yueli continued to explain, “Actually the strength that I used earlier wasn’t as great as yours but was able to defeat you when we met. Can you understand what is the underlying logic?”

“Your strength wasn’t as strong as mine?” Zhu Jiucheng went into a blank.

Huang Yueli nodded, “The strength that I used was probably only half of what you used.”