Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 802

Chapter 802 I Admit Defeat 3

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“This… Surely it’s not possible?” Zhu Jiucheng felt that he must have heard wrongly.

Normally if there was a direct collision and to be able to send the opponent flying, the strength used must at least be two times of the opponent.

But now Huang Yueli was telling him that the strength that she used was not two times of his, but in actual fact…. It was only half! How could such a thing… possibly even happen?

Huang Yueli explained, “Actually the logic is very simple. You’re an earth attributed practitioner so your natural strength is already very powerful. So you intentionally used the heaviest Profound Weapon and while practicing the Profound Skill, you followed the most ferocious pathway. Although it looks very powerful as though your strength had been used to the max, but in actual fact, strength itself doesn’t represent the more stronger the better!”

“Isn’t the strong the better?” Zhu Jiucheng had a confused expression.

Huang Yueli continued, “Right! There’s a saying called ‘Achieving the great while doing something little’. What it means if the direction and position of utilising the strength is right, then only using a very small amount of power would enable you to resist against the strong power. The main point if the control on the power and observation and balance between the opponent’s strength. If you’re just merely chasing after powerful strength, it’s actually going down the wrong path.”

Hearing that, Zhu Jiucheng seemed to understand as he sunk into deep thoughts.

Not only him, even many other earth attributed practitioners on the viewing platform started to think deeply.

He took quite a long amount of time to think.

Huang Yueli originally didn’t want to break his thought but looking that one quarter of an hour had passed and Zhu Jiucheng was still thinking, she could only call out, “Senior Brother Zhu, Actually the Profound Skill that I used earlier is a method which was suitable for earth attributed practitioners to train. If you’re interested, you can drop by to look for me and we can discuss further!”

“Really?” Zhu Jiucheng’s eyes shone, “You’re willing to teach me that Profound Skill??”

It really wasn’t weird that he’s so surprised. To most practitioners, the Profound Skills that they trained was their biggest ace and normally few people would reveal it, not to mention teach it to others! Sometimes even between masters and disciples, they also need to hide it or tuck it away but Huang Yueli had secretly hinted to him that she would teach him this extremely high levelled Profound Skill!

Huang Yueli nodded.

Zhu Jiucheng almost fainted with joy as he gladly waddled down the stage.

“Next one!”

A short moment of silence again.

Just as the referee teacher was prepared to called out the number in order, someone finally stood up.

This time it was Hu Jingyao on stage.

Very obviously when he saw the two battles between Huang Yueli versus Ye Mingshuang and Zhu Jiucheng, he already realised how little he was.

So Hu Jingyao didn’t bother with any superfluous words, passed his battle invite to the referee teacher and bowed towards Huang Yueli’s direction.

“I admit defeat!”

To escape without a battle was an embarrassing matter.

But the minute someone had started, the remaining ten over people had no more misgivings and went on stage continuously.

“I admit defeat!”

“I admit defeat!”


“I admit defeat!”

Very quickly, all the contenders were on stage and without any exception, all of the expressed their defeat.

Since they were destined to be defeated and were going to be embarrassed, they would definitely lose their star currency so why risk being seriously injured and battle?

Huang Yueli was all smiles as she accepted their defeats as her eyes had already turned into the shape of a crescent.

Star currency oh, star currency!

A huge amount of star currency came flying towards her!