Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 805

Chapter 805 A Spanking For Each One 2

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“Ah? What?”

Jiang Tuxin was completely stupefied.

He really don’t understand why this almighty, outstanding Young Sect Master would initiate such a request!

Just based on his identity and position, no matter what personal matters he had, he only needed to give his instructions. Which Celestial Light Sect member would not do their best to be of service to him? Was it even necessary to come to Celestial Light Academy personally and to stay here using the role of a student?

Jiang Tuxin suddenly thought of something. Li Moying had specially requested to stay next to Huang Yueli.

Could it be that these two people…..

This thought had just flashed past and Jiang Tuxin quickly casted this idea away.

He must really be thinking too much. No matter what, Young Sect Master could not possible take interest in such an ordinary young lass? No matter how good her innate talent was, compared to Young Sect Master, there was still a huge difference!

Moreover, Celestial Light Sect had this rumour running for years that Young Sect Master and Elder Miss Murong were childhood friends and were getting engaged very soon. With such a beautiful and shockingly talented fiancée, Young Sect Master would never take interest in a lass from that small country!

“Principal Jiang, do you have any more questions?” Li Moying’s chilly voice was heard.

Jiang Tuxin shuddered and immediately retracted his senses, “No question, no questions at all! I will follow Young Sect Master’s instructions and arrange everything properly.”

“En.” Li Moying nodded and was about to add on.

Suddenly his vision swept across the tournament stage and halted for a moment before his expression changed. The surrounding temperature immediately dropped by a few degrees!

“Young Sect Master?”

The few of them went into a blank and followed his line of vision.


On the tournament stage.

Huang Yueli saw Li Xue’er fainted out of exasperation and shrugged her shoulders sympathetically.

Since she had already fainted, then there was no meaning in her staying behind. Anyway Li Xue’er could not renege on her debt so she was preparing to leave.

Who knew the minute she turned around, an anguish implicit voice was heard from her back.

“Bai Ruoli, stand right there!”

Huang Yueli’s footsteps halted as she turned around.

Behind her stood a tall thin youth, roughly around twenty years old or so. Just looking at his features, he was rather handsome but his expression was pale and there were dark eye rings underneath his eyes. He looked like he had excessive indulgence in debauchery and didn’t seem like a good person.

However from his breathing, his potential was rather extraordinary. He was already at third stage nine level cultivation, just one step away at the gates of fourth stage realm!

Huang Yueli’s brows raised as she asked calmly, “Who are you?”

The youth raised his chin high and with an arrogant look, he harrumphed coldly, “You don’t even know who I am??”

Huang Yueli was speechless and she couldn’t be bothered to talk to him as she turned around to leave.

“Stand right there! You dare to leave??”

Seeing that Huang Yueli didn’t bother about him, that youth was infuriated and immediately dashed up to the front of Huang Yueli, blocking her way.

Huang Yueli swept him a glance, “Please step aside, a good dog doesn’t block one’s way!”

“You… You dare to call me a dog?” It was obvious that the youth was seldom despised by others and he was so angry that he clenched his teeth, “You’re really an ignorant, shameless and arrogant lass! No wonder you managed to anger Li Xue’er to this state! Don’t know you that Xue’er is under my protection! Whoever dares to make her unhappy is the same as slapping my face!”

Huang Yueli blinked her eyes and she started to come around, “Oh…. So you’re Li Xue’er’s lover.”