Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 806

Chapter 806 A Spanking For Each One 3

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“You…. actually dare to vilify Xu’er! Have you taken bear’s heart and leopard’s gall, you really don’t know who I am?”

The youth couldn’t help but ask once again.

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but laugh out, “I’ve never seen such narcissism before. Are you a spirit stone or star currency, do I need to recognise you? Since you yearn to be famous, then report your own name, otherwise quickly get lost!”

The youth’s expression was as ugly as it could be. As one of the top exponents in Celestial Light Academy, this was the first time he was…. completely despised!

At this moment, the viewing platform started to stir.

Although Huang Yueli didn’t know which chive or garlic this fellow was but in the eyes of the old students in Celestial Light Academy, this youth’s name….. reverberated like thunder!

“Isn’t that Lei Zichu? Heavens, today’s tournament also activated him! Lei Zichu is one of the top exponents who is ranked top ten in the Martial Arts Stage! All the students who were ranked top ten in our academy’s Martial Arts Stage are all top rated peerless exponents. As compared to Zhu Jiucheng those who are in the top thirties, the difference in abilities is simply too huge! Why did he come here?”

“You don’t know about this! I’ve heard some people saying that Lei Zichu seemed to be chasing Li Xue’er! This time round, Li Xue’er had suffered great losses from this betting station because she was conned by Bai Ruoli so Lei Zichu wanted to stand up for Li Xue’er!”

“What? The playboy Lei Zichu abused his influence as the Young Master of Lei family and had ruined so many beautiful and innocent female practitioners, why would be woo Li Xue’er?”

“Li Xue’er is after all an Armament intern who has a bright future ahead of her! Which practitioner doesn’t hope for their own specialised Armament Master? Moreover, he’s just wooing Li Xue’er, and never said anything about marrying her to become his wife?”

“Then what’s the situations now? Lei Zichu is the top ten exponents in the Martial Arts Stage. Just based on his ability, after attending the academy’s Great Meet this year, he would probably be able to enter Celestial Light Sect! With such ability and status, will he even go on stage to deal with a new student?”

“This is hard to say! He’s bristling with anger over a beauty, this Young Master Lei wants to perform well in front of Li Xue’er so there’s no guarantee that he wouldn’t strike!”

The crowd’s discussions had flowed into Huang Yueli’s ears.

She showed an enlighten look and said, “I really can’t tell that you’re one of the top ten in Martial Arts Stage?”

When Lei Zichu heard this, he held out his chest and his expression turned even more aloof.

“That’s right, I’m Lei Zichu, cultivation at third stage realm ninth level. Martial Arts Stage ranking… number eight!”

When he spoke, his arms were crossed over his chest and his pair of eyes were casting sidelong glances at Huang Yueli, waiting to see her shocked expression.

What concept was Martial Arts Stage ranking number eight? Lei Zichu believed that all the students in Celestial Light Academy would know!

In the past, whenever he called out his own name, other than those whose ranking were higher than him, the others were all shocked and scared, treating him with respect carefully.

Who knew when Huang Yueli heard this, she only replied indifferently with a “Oh” and light replied, “Just number eight? Although the ranking is slightly low, but… you need not to feel to inferior! Not everyone under the world can be number one. Surely there would be several low ranking ones to serve as a background accompanier in order to bring out the top people with greater brilliance!”

Lei Zichu went into a blank and following that, his expression turned green.

Inferior? Was she blind? Which eye did she see him as inferior?

And to say that a Young Master Lei like him was just a low ranking accompanier in the background?