Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 807

Chapter 807 A Spanking For Each One 4

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Lei Zichu’s expression was as still as water as the stare on Huang Yueli grew gloomier and colder.

“You brag at such a young age! Did you think that just because you defeated that trashy Zhu Jiucheng, you’d be able to win across the entire Celestial Light Academy? Let me tell you this, the ability of the top ten contenders in the Martial Arts Stage as compared to those beneath the top ten is as different as sky and earth! Although you defeated Zhu Jiucheng, but under my hands, you probably won’t even be able to make one move!”

Huang Yueli looked at him displaying a smile but yet not a smile, “If I don’t understand you wrongly, you’re intent on taking revenge for Li Xue’er?”

“That’s right!”

“Alright!” Huang Yueli smiles as her attitude was extremely pleasant, “Li Xue’er owes me two hundred thousand medium grade spirit stones and you will just need to help her return those. As you’re paying on her behalf, I won’t charge you any additional fees, how about that? Good enough?”

Lei Zichu gritted his teeth as he looked at her, “Do you think I’m an idiot? How dare you trick me like this? I’m telling you, Li Xue’er’s matter is my matter and I’m set on taking charge! The bet that you had set doesn’t count and I’ll return you your original amount and that’s considered as settled! I advise you to take your twenty thousand spirit stones and leave, otherwise…..”

Huang Yueli’s expression turned chilly, “This is funny. When I placed my bets, didn’t Li Xue’er accept it happily? Now that she’s lost, you say that the bet isn’t counted? If you agree to bet, you must be prepared to lose. Does the Martial Arts Stage Top Ten all act as though this had never happened? If you want me to give up, that’s not possible. What do you want, just say it straight!”

“Since you’re not going to take the proffered wine and prefer the punishment wine…..”

Lei Zichu took a step forward as he said sinisterly, “Then don’t blame me for not standing on ceremony!”

Saying that he whipped out a battle invitation and passed it to Huang Yueli.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Huang Yueli accepted the battle invite and asked unconcernedly after taking one glance.

Lei Zichu laughed coldly, “Isn’t my intention very clear? I’m challenging you! Do you dare to accept my battle invitation?”

Huang Yueli took a look at him and immediately understood his intention.

Lei Zichu’s intention to challenge her at this timing was very obvious, that was to end Huang Yueli’s consecutive wins!

When she had placed a bet with Li Xue’er, the bet was that she could win all her battles today. So if Lei Zichu were to win this round, then Huang Yueli would not be considered as all win and Li Xue’er would not need to pay her two hundred thousand medium quality spirit stones!

Huang Yueli was not the only one who could see what was happening.

The audience were not silly as they all started to clamoured.

“Hey, this is bullying the weak! A top ten Martial Arts Stage contender against a new student who had just joined a few days ago? If this were to spread, how embarrassing would it be?”

“That would depend on the type of new student! With Bai Ruoli’s ability, she is ridiculously strong. Even Zhu Jiucheng who is ranked top thirty is not her match. Perhaps only Lei Zichu is qualified to exchange a few moves!”

“But no matter how strong her ability is, she’s merely a new student! No matter how you see it, Lei Zichu has an unfair advantage in this contest! But this kind of last minute battle invite, surely Bai Ruoli won’t accept it right?”

“She must accept! Have you forgotten the rules of the Martial Arts Stage, those contenders who had won consecutively for ten rounds, must accept whoever’s challenge from the eleventh round onwards and cannot reject! Earlier those ten over people who had admitted defeat is equivalent to her winning ten over rounds!”

“I remember now! Then…. isn’t this Bai Ruoli finished?”

Everyone felt that Lei Zichu was shameless and had all stood on Huang Yueli’s side.

But yet no one felt that Huang Yueli was able to win!