Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 808

Chapter 808 The Real Gambler 1

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Lei Zichu himself also believed so.

He had arrived late earlier and missed Huang Yueli’s first two matches. He only heard the others saying this new top student’s ability is very strong and she even defeated Zhu Jiucheng!

But Lei Zichu was very clear on Zhu Jiucheng’s cultivation and abililty, which was totally incomparable with his!

It doesn’t represent anything when Huang Yueli defeated Zhu Jiucheng. He was extremely certain about his victory.

Huang Yueli saw his arrogant expression and laughed secretly.

Lei Zichu’s mentality was something that she admired, extremely admired! He should just continue to maintain this state of mind!

Otherwise, how was she going to scheme him?

Lei Zichu looked Huang Yueli in her eyes, “How is it? You also heard for yourself, you cannot reject my battle invitation! This battle, you’ll definitely lose so don’t even think about the spirit stones. You’d better admit your loss automatically otherwise…. I’m not someone who knows how to treat a lady deadly! Seeing that you’re a delicate little beauty…..” His lips cracked out into an evil smile, “Otherwise if you’re disfigured accidentally by me, it’d be such a waste!”

A layer of frost was seen in Huang Yueli’s eyes but there wasn’t any change to her expression.

“You are sure you want to send me the battle invitation?”

“Naturally I’m sure! Of course, if you’re intending to beg me…..”

Huang Yueli cut him off, “You can challenge me but…. how much are you intending to bet?”

“Bet?” Lei Zichu was stunned, not expecting her to mention about the bet but following that he laughed, “You’re afraid I will bet too much star currency and win back all your earnings? Hehe, the more you’re afraid, the more I will bet! I must let you know what kind of consequences you will face when you offend the person whom I am protecting!”

Huang Yueli replied, “After I’ve won all the fourteen battles, I have a total of eleven thousand four hundred and forty star currency. This is not a small amount. Are you sure you have ten times that amount of star currency to bet on?”

Lei Zichu sneered, “Did you think that by saying such things, you can drag on and make me hesitate to bet lesser star currency? Let me tell you, you’re thinking too much! Unless you kneel down and lick Li Xue’er’s shoe, otherwise…. I must bet this eleven thousand star currency and make you lose beyond what you can recoup! Don’t think I don’t know, you have a thousand star currency which is under the school’s guarantee. If you’re not able to repay that amount, the consequences will be dire!”

Saying that, he turned around and threw his identity token to the referee teacher.

“Referee teacher, Bai Ruoli has already accepted my battle invitation! I’m betting eleven thousand and four hundred star currency…..”

Referee teacher received his identity token but he seemed rather hesitant.

“This…. Mister Lei, this isn’t so good right? This is too…..” vicious right?

Referee teacher wanted to counsel him but Huang Yueli directly butted in.

“Since Mister Lei had already said until like this, I’m not someone who’s afraid as well, then I shall accept this battle invitation! Referee teacher, I’m betting all my star currency on this!”

Huang Yueli slammed her identity token onto the table.

“What?” Referee teacher was completely dumbstruck and didn’t regain his senses after quite some time.

Not only him, the entire Martial Arts Stage started to roar with excitement again!

No one had expected Huang Yueli to be so fearless of Lei Zichu’s battle invitation, moreover…. She placed such a huge amount of bet!

This…. simply was a match of a real gambler!