Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 810

Chapter 810 The Real Gambler 3

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Li Moying displayed a cold face and as he didn’t say anything, Jiang Tuxin didn’t dare to ask further.

Only Mo Yi sniggered secretly: His Master was so tsundere and only Third Miss had the ability to tame him!

Everything had its vanquisher…..


The battle officially started.

Lei Zichu stood on the stage and completely unleashed the might of his Profound Energy at the first opportunity!

Although he had the confidence to win, he also knew that the lass standing opposite him had intimidated the whole audience and was definitely not someone to trifle with, so he didn’t dare to underestimate his opponent.

In this case, Huang Yueli would immediately be placed under quite an amount of pressure.

Lei Zichu’s ability was indeed extraordinary and his cultivation was truly at third stage realm nine level! It had exceeded her third stage realm third level by six small realms!

In cultivation, the distance between each small realm was very big and the Profound Energy for every small realm would increase at least by one fold!

If it were any other practitioner, facing such a huge disparity, there was no point in this battle at all! Just relying on Profound Armament and Profound Skills would be insufficient to step over the distance.

Huang Yueli rarely revealed some senses of congealment as she secretly adjusted the Profound Energy within her body.

At this point, Lei Zichu had already took the opportunity and made a move!

He was a dual attributed practitioner in wind and thunder and he had an exceptional advantage in terms of speed. His moves were swift and strike after strike, he struck out consecutively. His moves were getting faster and faster after each strike!

Not only was it fast, his attack power was also exceptionally shocking. The sword in his hand was sparking with threads of electricity and just looking at it, one could tell that the might was extraordinary. If one was grazed by his sword, one would definitely incur a serious injury!

Moreover, as Lei Zichu’s cultivation was higher, he held an advantage in terms of grandeur.

Momentarily, the entire stage was sparking with electricity and waves of wind could be heard as it was filled with Lei Zichu’s sword reflections.

Huang Yueli’s petite figure was like a leaf of small boat trying to maintain its stability in a storm, completely enveloped and on the verge of collapse!

The audience stared with their eyes wide open, not daring to make any sounds as they held their breathes worrying for Huang Yueli!

“I haven’t seen Lei Zichu made a move for several months and his potential has improved! Now he should be able to challenge the Martial Arts Stage number seven, no number sixth!”

“This is just too terrifying! Such a strong sword, what’s that lass going to use and block his attacks??”

“But Bai Ruoli’s evasion tactic is rather strong. If it were me, I’d probably be stabbed seventeen or eighteen times and become a porcupine! She’s still ok with no injury!”

“But just based on evasion, she doesn’t have any chance of winning and will lose sooner or later!”

Huang Yueli moved around on the stage with her skilled footworks, avoiding Lei Zichu’s attacks.

The audience were guessing that she had a hard time trying to evade but in actual fact, she had it rather easy.

Although Lei Zichu’s ability was strong, but for her, it wasn’t really that powerful. When she was still a second stage realm nine level practitioner, she had defeated the fourth stage realm Imperial Tutor so defeating a Lei Zichu was an easy feat for her.

The only difference was when she was handling the Imperial Tutor, it was at an isolated area with no one around at that time whereas now facing so many other practitioners under their pairs of eyes, she was unwilling to reveal her ace and neither was she willing to throw out a huge amount of fourth tier Profound Armaments. If she were to do it in that way, it was akin to telling the whole world that she was very suspicious!

But as Lei Zichu’s cultivation was so strong and his base was very sturdy, no matter in terms of cultivation method, Profound Skills or even Profound Weapons, his usage was remarkable.

Facing such an opponent, it would pose some difficulty if she didn’t expose her ace.