Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 811

Chapter 811 The Real Gambler 4

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Because of this, Huang Yueli had been waiting for a chance patiently.

Lei Zichu saw her constant evading and thought that her potential was just so so and his heart started to grew signs of despise.

Humph! This new top student was only so so and was only comparable to Zhu Jiucheng that type of quality. When she meets a real top exponent, she could only escape for her life?

Just this bit of ability and she dared to scheme Li Xue’er? But all thanks for her arrogance, he had this chance to be a hero saving a damsel in distress.

“Wretched lass, do you only know how to hide? Your footwork isn’t too bad but I’m telling you, even if you hide, it’s useless! My cultivation is so much higher than yours, your Profound Energy will definitely deplete first! By then, you’ll still lose so why don’t you hurry and kneel…..”

As time went by, Lei Zichu completely lost his initial prudency!

In his heart, this lass couldn’t possibility have any resistance against him! The disparity between their abilities were miles apart!

Because of this, while he was ridiculing her, the speed of his strikes were getting slower.

Huang Yueli quickly saw the flaw in his strokes and her lips curled up coldly.

She had been waiting…. for this chance!

Huang Yueli took the opportunity and turned her head swiftly as her eyes met Lei Zichu’s pupils and their soul trace crashed against each other!

Piercing Sky Eye technique was unleashed!

Lei Zichu was still complacently talking when he suddenly stopped short.

The front of his eyes blacked out and for a moment, it was a cloud of blank in his mind as he completely lost his conscious.

By the time he regained his senses, he could only feel immense pain coming from his body as though his bones were going to fall apart. Cries of surprise came echoing from all directions from the entire Martial Arts Stage!

Lei Zichu’s smile had yet to fade but at this moment he had fallen flat on the ground. His facial features twisted from the pain.

From what other people’s impression, he had an expression which neither looked like crying nor laughing and he looked comical yet dreadful!

At this moment, the referee teacher’s voice was heard from the tournament stage, “Lei Zichu has fallen out of the tournament stage’s boundary so according to the battle regulations, the winner of this battle is — Bai Ruoli!”

Lei Zichu had completely went dull at this moment, completely unable to comprehend how he had been defeated!

Earlier he had obviously gained an upper hand and that lass had no way to hold him off at all!

Seeing that she was about to lose, but…. just at that instant, why did he suddenly lose consciousness?

What happened at that moment??

Not only him, although the audience on the viewing platform did not lose their consciousness, but no one could tell what actually happened earlier.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay as they exchanged queries.

“What happened?”

“Did you see how she struck earlier?”

Even Jiang Tuxin had a dumbfounded expression.

He had been fiddling with his own beard watching the competition but at the moment when Huang Yueli had sent Lei Zichu flying, as he was overly shocked, his hands trembled and tore off a few strands of his beloved beard which made him extremely heart pain!

“This… this lass…. actually won! This…. something like this actually happened!”

Ling Wenbin commented, “The disparity between their abilities was indeed very huge but this lass had a set of high levelled footwork. It should be inherited by Bai Liu Feng? To be able to evade such a swift attack! Based on the foundation of complete evasion, she had been using psychological warfare to numb Lei Zichu. Plus her sharp eyes, she was able to find the flaw in Lei Zichu’s swordplay and used that chance to defeat him within one move!”