Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 812

Chapter 812 Evil Intentions Crept Up 1

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Saying that, he couldn’t stop exclaiming, “This lass is really something, this is considered as a classic example of the weak winning the strong! Especially when Lei Zichu only had that short span of flaw, even if I were to go into a trance, it would be extremely difficult to catch hold of but she managed to do so it in one shot!”

Li Moying stretched out his hand as he touched his chin but eventually he couldn’t bear it and let out a slight smile.

“…. The weak winning the strong? I think it’s a mouse being tricked by a cat…..”

“Young Sect Master, you said something?”

Li Moying’s voice was extremely soft so Jiang Tuxin didn’t hear him clearly.

However, Li Moying didn’t answer him. An extremely anxious expression filled his face as he stood up from his seat.

“Young Sect Master…..”

Jiang Tuxin has just said those few words but he’d already seen Li Moying’s shadow suddenly escaping out and at lightning speed rushing towards the centre of the tournament stage!

“What happened??”

The few of them hurriedly stood up but they were not able to chase up to Li Moying’s speed.


On the tournament stage.

Huang Yueli was all smiles as she walked towards the referee teacher and received her own identity token.

Star currency in Celestial Light Academy were all directly deposited in everyone’s identity token and since the winner and loser had been determined, referee teacher directly deposited eleven thousand over star currency into her identity token.

Lei Zichu laid flat on the ground watching with his own eyes how his star currency disappeared…. Gone…..

He felt a twitching pain in his heart as his expression became even twisted!

This was not just a little star currency, not tens, not hundreds, or thousands but….. eleven thousand!!

What concept was eleven thousand? An ordinary student from the start till graduation may find it hard to even earn a thousand star currency because just based on the academy’s conventional missions, earning star currency was just too difficult!

Only those core students with powerful abilities and ranked top few in Martial Arts Stage were able to continuously battle and hunt the high levelled Magical Beasts to exchange for star currency, then would the speed pick up.

But although those top ranking practitioners earn star currency quickly, they spend it even faster!

They need more high levelled cultivation methods, Profound Skills, higher grade of Profound Armament and even more closed door cultivation timing than the others! All of these were exchanged using star currency!

In this way, the star currency that they spent were like flowing water and sometimes they’d even spend it all in one day, which was what others made in an entire year!

Lei Zichu naturally wasn’t an exception. The amount of star currency that he had was just about this ten thousand or so.

To have ten over thousand of spare cash, he originally intended to go to the academy’s Profound Weapon Chambers to exchange for a piece of fifth tier Profound Armament to raise his own ability! For that fifth tier Profound Armament, he had already accumulated it for a very, very long time. He didn’t even bear to rent the best closed door cultivation room just so that he could exchange for the Profound Armament to amaze everyone with a single brilliant feat in the second semester of the Academy’s Meet!

Just because star currency was very difficult to earn, so besides standing up for Li Xue’er , he was also eyeing Huang Yueli’s ten over thousand star currency.

Just one battle and he would be able to gain ten thousand star currency. Such a good thing doesn’t happen very often unless it was a battle between the top ten contenders then would they bet such huge stakes.

But the risk in losing this kind of battles is very huge and in fact it was very risky, not as relaxing as bullying a new student!

But each new student only had a hundred star currency of asset and there wasn’t any other advantage so Lei Zichu normally wouldn’t lower himself to find trouble for them.

This round was totally different, and using the excuse of saving a damsel in distress plus the temptation of ten thousand star currency, where would you find such a good opportunity!