Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 813

Chapter 813 Evil Intentions Crept Up 2

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Lei Zichu was counting his eggs before they hatched, thinking that this was a good chance to shoot three condors with one arrow and would absolutely fill his tubs with riches.

Whoever knew that towards the end… not only did he not gain anything, he actually….. lost all eleven thousand star currency!

How did things turn out to be so abnormal?

Why was that new stop student so ridiculously strong!

Whenever Lei Zichu recalled how hard he worked to accumulate those star currency just to lose it all in this battle which he was absolutely sure that he would win, into an unknown new student’s pocket, he was so infuriated until he almost fainted!

His star currency! Such a huge amount of star currency!

Moreover, losing the star currency was already very pitiful, he had confidently swore that he would win this battle.

But now, it was akin a resounding slap on his face!

His Martial Arts Stage rank right was lost to a new student! In future… how was he able to raise his head up??

The most infuriating of all was when Lei Zichu turned to look at Li Xue’er, he realised that Li Xue’er was backing away slowly from him, pulling apart their distances.

“You…..” Lei Zichu was so infuriated as he clenched his teeth and hissed out at her.

Li Xue’er took another step back and said, “Time’s almost up, I… I gotta go. I still have that several hundred thousand medium grade spirit stones to return…..”

Li Xue’er was filled with disgust towards Lei Zichu. Some time ago, she had thought that Lei Zichu was powerful enough and could depend on him and could only thought of how to loosen the reins only to grasp him better, using all sorts of ways to capture his heart!

But now upon seeing Lei Zichu losing to Huang Yueli, her thinking changed immediately!

Wasn’t she hugging on to Lei Zichu so that he could deal with Huang Yueli? In the end his ability was just not there! Then what use did she have for him?

Moreover, Lei Zichu’s loss was painfully heavy. Having lost to a new student, his reputation was going to take a huge hit and moreover he had lost eleven thousand star currency so his future cultivation resources were going to be affected greatly! If she continued staying with him, wouldn’t it become an embarrassment!

As a future Armament Master, why bother to hang herself on a tree? Her best option now was to ditch him and find a better backing!

If it wasn’t for the sake that Lei Zichu was powerful and his family background was outstanding, Li Xue’er wasn’t even willing to speak to him on such excuses!

Yet, after saying such superficial words, was Lei Zichu so stupid until he didn’t understand her meaning?

He was so angry that his entire face turned red, wishing he could use one palm strike to strike Li Xue’er dead on the spot!

But his movements became retarded from his injuries and Li Xue’er ran extremely fast so Lei Zichu wasn’t able to chase up to her at all!

He had nowhere to unleash his anger so he turned his head once more.

Huang Yueli was all smiles as she was praised by the referee teacher and all the other students also surrounded her with praises. Many of them were people who fawned upon him had instantly went to booklick Huang Yueli! Everyone knew that if they had to booklick, it made more sense to pick the thicker thigh!

It was obvious that in their hearts that Lei Zichu was already passé!

Lei Zichu saw this happening and he was not able to contain the fury and jealousy within his heart so evil intents crept up upon him as he pulled out a silvery ball like item from his realm ring.

Everyone’s attention was on Huang Yueli and no one bothered about the defeated him.

Lei Zichu took the opportunity to aim towards Huang Yueli’s direction and injected his Profound Energy from his fingertips, throwing the ball like object ferociously from her back!