Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 814

Chapter 814 Evil Intentions Crept Up 3

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In that moment that Lei Zichu snuck the attack, signs of alarm were already ringing for Huang Yueli.

But as the distance between them was rather close and Lei Zichu used his specialised technique so his speed was extremely swift and she could not react in time.

The fact that the Profound Weapon that Lei Zichu threw out was extremely special, the speed of that item was multiplied.

Huang Yueli dodged in an attempt to evade but felt that the Profound Weapon had instantly reached behind her back as vibrations of a powerful Profound Energy started to surface. Before it had actually touched her, her chest was already feeling the pain as her blood rages and her complexion turned pale white instantly!

“So…Soul Fixation Pearl!”

Huang Yueli swiftly responded in time and realised what was the item that Lei Zichu had thrown towards her.

But it was too late!

The distance between the soul fixation pearl and her was barely one meter and it continued to vibrate, giving out a sharp buzzing sound, as it grew louder and louder…..

Following that, with a “Bam”, it exploded!

The might of the explosion from the Soul Fixation Pearl was too strong and the entire Martial Arts Stage was instantly covered by that blinding bright light as the rood was instantly blown away! Powerful airflow rushed through the viewing platform and whenever it went, everything was turned into a complete disorder and many students were flicked out of the Martial Arts Stage boundary towards the outside as they fainted from the impact.

Huang Yueli bore the brunt of it all and as the might of the explosion was too strong, she knew that she would not be able to handle it so she had already summoned all her Profound Energy into a defensive stance. Along with the fifth tier defensive armour that she was wearing, her life should not be in danger.

But it was inevitable to get seriously injured.

Huang Yueli shut her eyes tightly and prepared for the incoming pain.


Suddenly she felt her waist tightened as her body lost balance and she crashed heavily against a warm thing while her petite body was wrapped up.

Immediately following that, sounds of explosion could be heard but the expected pain did not come along with it. The only thing was the energy around her waist grew strong and strong, almost suffocating her.

It was until the explosion ended when she regained her senses and realised that the solid and warm thing that she was leaning against…. Seemed to be a man’s chest?

Huang Yueli quickly lifted her head to look at the face of the man who was hugging her.

But just at this moment, she suddenly felt faint and subsequently lose consciousness.


Li Moying stretched out his hand and caught Huang Yueli’s falling body in time. Looking at her slightly pale face, his expression was as ugly as it could get.

Mo Yi quickly rushed over from the viewing platform as he rushed right next to them.

Seeing Li Moying’s gloomy expression, he didn’t dare to speak a single word and could only lower his head on one side, not even daring to breathe loudly.

Third Miss had actually been plotted against under his Master’s eyelid and almost suffered a serious injury!

This was his Master’s darling!

It was imaginable on what degree his Master was infuriated to.

Jiang Yuxin and Ling Wenbin were just one step too late and looking at the tournament stage and shaky Martial Arts Stage, their faces sunk!

“Soul Fixation Pearl! And it’s a seventh grade Soul Fixation Pearl! Is Lei Zichu mad? Just because he lost a battle, he actually used the Soul Fixation Pearl??”

The Soul Fixation Pearl was something which high levelled practitioners would use before they die. The usage was to congeal their last Profound Energy into it and after inciting the explosion, it was comparable to that practitioner’s totally focused effect!

Generally speaking, this was the last ace card which practitioners would use to save their lives!

Lei Zichu was nurtured under a reputable large family’s talent and to have such a thing on him wasn’t strange at all.